Belle found a baseball-type hat in her drawer this morning. I put it on her the correct way (the bill in the front), but she wanted nothing to do with it like that. For some reason or another, she insisted that it goes on backward. Where she got that idea, I have no clue. But, I thought she looked cute just the same.

Packer Game

Chris and I had a little Packer party with his parents and grandparents (and his cousin Lauren showed up for the first quarter or so). I finally got to make the artichoke dip that I got from the next door neighbor last year. I have been waiting and waiting to make it! Everyone seemed to have a good time. It's just too bad that the Packers didn't win.


The snow has come! It is now officially winter.


Happy (belated) Birthday!

Grahm turned 9 months old yesterday! He was being difficult for pictures, but I ended up getting one or two good ones once Chris came home from work and helped me. Grahm just did not want to stay still, and with my bad back (still!) I'm not able to chase him around on the floor as easily.

It's hard to believe that he's 9 months old already. It's bittersweet to think that in only a few months he'll be one (and Belle will be 2 1/2)! The time has really been flying by and I feel like I haven't gotten enough time to enjoy him as a baby. I really miss being able to hold him and cuddle him when he was a baby. But you're lucky to be able to hold him for more than 5 minutes now because all he wants to do is crawl/stand/play/explore. I knew he would grow up fast, I just feel a little caught off guard that's all. But on the up-side, it has been so much fun watching him grow up!


How We Spend Our Sunday Nights

Every sunday night, we try to chat online via video with Dave and Laurie (Belle and Grahm's California uncle and aunt). It is so nice to be able to stay in touch with them and have the kids "see" them on a regular basis.

*Please ignore the massive mess on my computer desk. I haven't set aside time yet to clean it.*


The Incredible Hulk

While I was getting Grahm's food together the other day, Isabelle was painting on the counter. I wasn't paying attention to what she was doing until I walked next to her to feed Grahm in his highchair. Silly me for thinking that she was going to use the paint on the paper!
*I only titled the post in reference to his green body, not his temper*

The Aftermath of a Bath

Chris gave both of the kids a bath last night and then they both went to sleep about a half hour later. Isabelle woke up and her hair was normal (bed-head normal). But Grahm on the other hand, woke up looking like this. Only half of his hair was spiked up while the other half lay normal. After a few hours, it eventually settled back down.


This is what I opened the door to find after an afternoon of shopping with Grammy (the kids Great-Grandma Halverson): both kids sound asleep in their carseats!