Wow, now that's a white Christmas!

In the last 24 hours we have received over a foot of snow. Yikes! Chris' snowplow conked out on him before he was even halfway done, but as he started shoveling a kind neighbor pulled up on an ATV with a snowplow in front and cleared out our whole driveway. What a friendly neighborhood we have moved into! Of course, Chris has an eye on getting one of these now. Ah, men and their toys. *grin*

We would have spent the day inside, but we were going over to Gary and Peggy's for Christmas at their house (since all the other days were taken). Isabelle had a blast playing in the snow with her cousins, although they didn't stay outside as long as she did. And guess who got to stay outside in the cold with her? Yep, that's right...me. And I absolutely hate the cold! But Chris didn't have any boots or mittens. Well, at least it gave me a chance to take some nice pictures of Belle in the snow. And just so you know, she did NOT want to go inside. My feet were numb by the time she finally let me carry her in. She was having too much fun making and throwing snowballs.

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