Chris' cousin Lauren took this picture of Grahm and I thought it was absolutely adorable. Doesn't he have just the cutest little face?
Well, there was a wind chill advisory last night with wind chills between 25 and 45 below zero (brrr!). We keep our nighttime temp inside the house at 62 degrees, and we didn't turn it up (we didn't even think about it). Well, I got up at 4:30 to get Grahm a bottle and the water wasn't working! Aahh!! But thankfully, it was only in the kitchen - all the other faucets worked. With all the wind and cold air last night, it caused our pipes to freeze. Not until 6::30 pm did we have our cold water back, and then about 7 our hot water was working. This caused a lot of stress for Chris (and me as well, although I think Chris did enough worrying for both of us). Thankfully everything finally worked out and it didn't cost us a plumber or anything.


Can you tell I didn't help?

Not a single bit! Big girl Belle did it all on her own (and I'm very proud of her)!

Our Weekend

Our weekend was spent doing a lot of driving. We drove 4 hours to see Chris' sister and her family on Saturday because she was having a birthday party for her son (and it was also Chris' birthday that day, which is why he's in the cake picture). Halfway there, Belle started crying and saying that she wanted to go home and Grahm was screaming in his seat as well. It was NOT a fun ride up there. And then when we arrive, I ask Chris what he did with all of Grahm's food. I had put all of his bowls, cereal, baby food, formula, bottles, and bibs in a Walmart bag and sealed it up so that it wouldn't roll around in the car. Well, come to find out, Chris thought that it was a bag of dirty diapers so he threw it in the trash before we left! So, while Chris' mom and sister watched the kids for us, we had to drive 15 minutes to a Pamida and make do with what they had and drive back. And then after the party that night, we went to bed. However, I use that word very loosely. While we may have went to bed, we didn't actually sleep (at least not long enough to count what we did as peaceful sleeping). Belle stayed upstairs and watched a movie with her cousin, but when it was over all she wanted to do was play with her toys. So Chris' mom and dad took her and she slept (again, used loosely) with them. She ended up having to go upstairs and sleep on the recliner with her because Isabelle does not sleep when she is laying with someone else. She likes to poke (mostly noses and eyes), move/wiggle, and talk. Meanwhile, in our room, we had Grahm who screamed when we put him in his crib. So, he slept with us. He actually slept though! Chris and I on the other hand didn't fare so well. Grahm was taking up most of the room on the full-size bed, and Chris and I had the edge. How an 11-month old can do that, I don't know. It was not a very comfortable nor a very restful night for anyone in our family. We left the next morning and the kids slept on the way home for about half of it. What a difference that made! Other than being exhausted on the drive (all of which Chris did), it was a rather enjoyable ride home. And it was a fun weekend as well...just a little bit of a whirlwind though!

Cheese - Take 2!

Well, Belle certainly likes to have her picture taken with her toys, provided she is in a good mood (which she was at the time). She again proceeded to line her toys up (looking in the direction of the camera, I might add) and told them to smile and say "Cheese". At one point she told them to wave to the camera, which is why she is waving in one of the pictures. She also wanted to make sure the horse was smiling at the camera, which is why she was holding it's head. And when I'm done taking pictures, she loves looking at them with me and saying how cute they are and pointing out that they are smiling.
**If some of the pictures are too small, just click on the picture and it will enlarge**

Don't Adjust Your Monitor...

...it is working just fine. Grahm is indeed walking! And all over and all the time, I might add. He walked all the way over to the couch, and as soon as he got there (he took a 5 second breather), he turned and walked away. Soon he'll be running, I'm sure!


New Website

From now on, you'll find our blog at blog.thestone.org. I just thought it would be easier to use it since it's connected to our email account and it doesn't have our family name on it. The old address will redirect you there, but make sure you bookmark the new address as I will be deleting the old blog soon and then you won't be able to redirect from it anymore.


Isabelle's New Fascination

Curious George. She absolutely loves the little monkey! Chris got her the movie the other day, and she gets so excited and laughs at all the silly parts and says "Poor George" when he's sad. It's really cute. And surprisingly, I haven't gotten sick of watching it yet. But I suppose it helps that Jack Johnson does the songs for it, and I enjoy his music. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll make a sequel because Isabelle would be a delight to take to the movies if it came out. She would get such a kick out of it.

Fluffy White Stuff...again

Grahm watching the snow fall outside this afternoon. **And on a side note, he turned 11 months yesterday!**



After 2 years of not getting Belle to smile at the camera, she is now starting to get into it. She'll say "Cheese" and smile, although sometimes it's a goofy smile. I just have to make sure I'm ready for the picture because getting her to do it twice is rare.

Dinnertime Mess = Bathtime Fun

Due to the incredible mess Grahm made the other night when he was eating dinner, he was the recipient of an unscheduled (but much needed!) bath that night.


For those of you that don't know...

We are expecting another little one on August 14! Isabelle will have just turned 3 a couple weeks before he's born (I'm guessing a boy with this one). It was a complete shock for us, but we're happy nonetheless. We (the whole family) went in for an ultrasound yesterday, and everything went great. They saw the heart beating and the spine starting to form as well.

Longtime Friend

A friend of mine that I've known for years stopped by the other week when she was in town. I had not seen her in over a year, so it was a very welcome visit. Her son and Grahm seemed to hit it off right away, while Belle was the shy one and stuck close to me for most of their visit.

Big Girl

We had switched Belle's crib to a toddler bed on Christmas, and she has been doing fantastic! Tonight I had asked her to sit in bed so I could take her picture in her big girl bed, but what happened next I had not anticipated. She lined up all of her Barbies and her other stuffed animals/dolls that she sleeps with (yes, she has to sleep with everything that is pictured and she knows if one little thing, like a shoe, is missing). This took a little over 5 minutes for her to do. She then told them all to smile and then I took her/their picture. Definitely worth the wait.

Belle's 1st Haircut!

Yes, after almost 2 1/2 years, we finally decided to get Isabelle's hair cut. She sat perfect throughout the whole 15 or so minute ordeal. I was expecting her to start squirming halfway through, but she didn't budge. She even got a tootsie roll afterwards!

A before shot

Cutting away!

So serious

Grahm was enjoying it!

The end result: up to 3 inches was cut off (and her curls stayed)!