Our Weekend

Our weekend was spent doing a lot of driving. We drove 4 hours to see Chris' sister and her family on Saturday because she was having a birthday party for her son (and it was also Chris' birthday that day, which is why he's in the cake picture). Halfway there, Belle started crying and saying that she wanted to go home and Grahm was screaming in his seat as well. It was NOT a fun ride up there. And then when we arrive, I ask Chris what he did with all of Grahm's food. I had put all of his bowls, cereal, baby food, formula, bottles, and bibs in a Walmart bag and sealed it up so that it wouldn't roll around in the car. Well, come to find out, Chris thought that it was a bag of dirty diapers so he threw it in the trash before we left! So, while Chris' mom and sister watched the kids for us, we had to drive 15 minutes to a Pamida and make do with what they had and drive back. And then after the party that night, we went to bed. However, I use that word very loosely. While we may have went to bed, we didn't actually sleep (at least not long enough to count what we did as peaceful sleeping). Belle stayed upstairs and watched a movie with her cousin, but when it was over all she wanted to do was play with her toys. So Chris' mom and dad took her and she slept (again, used loosely) with them. She ended up having to go upstairs and sleep on the recliner with her because Isabelle does not sleep when she is laying with someone else. She likes to poke (mostly noses and eyes), move/wiggle, and talk. Meanwhile, in our room, we had Grahm who screamed when we put him in his crib. So, he slept with us. He actually slept though! Chris and I on the other hand didn't fare so well. Grahm was taking up most of the room on the full-size bed, and Chris and I had the edge. How an 11-month old can do that, I don't know. It was not a very comfortable nor a very restful night for anyone in our family. We left the next morning and the kids slept on the way home for about half of it. What a difference that made! Other than being exhausted on the drive (all of which Chris did), it was a rather enjoyable ride home. And it was a fun weekend as well...just a little bit of a whirlwind though!

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