Well, there was a wind chill advisory last night with wind chills between 25 and 45 below zero (brrr!). We keep our nighttime temp inside the house at 62 degrees, and we didn't turn it up (we didn't even think about it). Well, I got up at 4:30 to get Grahm a bottle and the water wasn't working! Aahh!! But thankfully, it was only in the kitchen - all the other faucets worked. With all the wind and cold air last night, it caused our pipes to freeze. Not until 6::30 pm did we have our cold water back, and then about 7 our hot water was working. This caused a lot of stress for Chris (and me as well, although I think Chris did enough worrying for both of us). Thankfully everything finally worked out and it didn't cost us a plumber or anything.

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