Happy Birthday!

Happy 1st birthday to Grahm today! Yeah! We're having just a small family party tonight for him with cake and presents. I can't wait to see how he eats his cake. Belle was a little dainty at first, but then she kind of got into it.

You Know....

You know your 2 year old daughter has been in your makeup when you find dried up playdough stuck on your mascara wand. Good thing I rarely wear makeup, otherwise this could pose a problem. And who knows how long the playdough has been there. Just gross. Yuck!


After many comments about how sad the main picture is because Belle is crying, I felt needed to clarify: she is NOT crying! She is in fact laughing and catching snowflakes with her tongue. :)


How they spent their V-day

Well, we got lots of snow. And like many people around here, I am ready for warm weather and spring. But, to make the best of a bad situation (for me at least), I took Isabelle outside while it was snowing yesterday. Don't worry, Grahm was taking a nap inside. She had a blast as usual. It's the getting the boots/hat/coat/snowpants/mittens on that is quite the task. While she hates that part (and pretty much refuses to cooperate), she enjoys the end effect.

And while I was getting Belle ready for bed, Grahm got to stay up a little longer with Daddy and play for a while. I had to get some pictures of his 1st Valentine's Day. Hard to believe he'll be one year old next week!

Valentine's Treats

Grahm and Belle got a lot of cards and candy for Valentine's Day. They also were lucky recipients of some money and toys as well! Oh, and their daddy was sweet and surprised me with some candy and a card. Even though I like flowers, having a cat in the house that likes to eat flowers just doesn't make it feasible to have them around. The flowers, not the cat...although I'm sure Chris would beg to differ on that.

Just Like Any Other Afternoon

Like any other day, we spend our playtime downstairs in the playroom.

"Clippord" smiling for the camera

Now it's Belle's turn to smile

Grahm "talking" on the phone (doesn't his face look so much older in this picture?)


Aahh, nothing more refreshing than pretend juice and milk!


New Picture

Well, with it being February, I thought it was time to get rid of the Christmas picture I had on top of my blog. I am sure some of you are cheering right now. *grins*

3 Little Words

Isabelle said something to me a while back that almost made me cry. I was getting her out of bed one morning and she asked where her daddy was - I told her at work. She looked at me and asked "Daddy's at work?". So I told her "Yep, he went to work today.". And then, much to my surprise, she looked at me with the biggest smile and said "Mommy at home!", which made me grin ear to ear. I am just so happy that she is so happy that I am home with her. I am extremely lucky that Chris and I are able to afford letting me stay home with the children. I honestly don't know what I would do if I had to leave them every morning and then not see them until the evening.

Lazy Fridays

Well, not entirely lazy...we do have playgroup at 10 am. But compared to Mondays and Wednesdays when we have Tiny Tots (another playgroup in town) at 9 am, things are so much more relaxing. On Monday and Wednesday, I rarely make it to Tiny Tots on time, and here is why. Belle wakes up around 7:30 (give or take 15 minutes) and I let her watch 20 minutes of Curious George to let her fully wake up and also to give me time to finish whatever it is I have going on at that moment, whether it's drying/curling my hair, making the bed, starting laundry, etc. When she's done with her show, it's "breakfast time". Although, being the non-eater that she is, she takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to eat her food. And it's not like I give her a huge meal...it usually only consists of fruit and yogurt/cereal these mornings. It is a struggle to get her to finish her food and then get her dressed on time.

I must admit, this task might not be so time consuming if I didn't have another little one I have to get ready as well. Grahm wakes up about 8 (thankfully at least he is a morning person) and I get going on his breakfast right away. He doesn't take long, but he does make a huge mess! So in between his spoonfuls, I'm trying to get Isabelle to eat her food. But she would just rather play than sit and eat.

So, needless to say, Monday and Wednesday mornings are extremely hectic. I love our other mornings where we can just take our time getting ready. Yet I'm usually late on Fridays for playgroup because it takes forever to get two kids (and myself) bundled up in our coats, boots, hats, and scarves and then get everyone buckled up. I can't wait for summer where we get to eliminate all the bulky outerwear. Of course, around that time, I'll have another one to get bundled up. Well, I can't imagine it will get any more crazier or hectic than it already is. *grins*

Sibling Love


Go, Dog. Go

That is officially Isabelle's favorite book. I knew she liked it, but she actually told me tonight that it is her favorite. I was going through her books trying to find out which one she wanted me to read to her, and when I got to "Go, Dog. Go" she said "Belle's favorite book".


Blue-eyed Kids

Just a couple pictures I took of Belle and Grahm yesterday while they were playing/jumping in Grahm's crib. It's funny how much more blue their eyes became after I changed the picture to black and white. And no, I didn't do anything to the color of their eyes...just had a little good lighting in the room at the moment.