Out of Commission

Well, I'll be taking it easy the next couple of days whether I like it or not. I really hurt my back this morning (all I did was sit down on the bed!), and was stuck on the floor for a couple hours unable to move. I was in so much pain but couldn't cry because that made it hurt even worse. I don't know what I would have done if Isabelle wasn't able to get the phone for me. Thankfully, she was up at 6 this morning and didn't sleep in. So, I was able to call Chris at work and he came home to help me and his parents came and took the kids for the morning so I could go to the hospital. We kept debating to call an ambulance (I was in that much pain), but I wanted to go to Gundersen (and not Franciscan) since I know the doctor and nurses there.

I was laying on the floor since about 6:45 am and they set up my appointment for 10:15. While that seemed like a lifetime away, it turned out it was a good thing because it took me that long just to be able to stand up! I finally sucked it up and dealt with the pain as best as I could as Chris tried to help me up. Man, that was a long and painful process! But I think it helped a little walking around.

I had hurt my back last weekend, but it was nothing like this. I could still move and walk around. I thought at the time that it hurt a lot. But after today, I'd say my pain that day was a 3 and today it's a 10. Definitely no fun at all. So, here I am, laying in bed. I'm uncomfortable, but at least I'm not in as much pain as before. Chris will be taking the kids to his parents tonight to watch the college basketball game with them so I can relax even more. Grahm is taking a nap and Isabelle is also sleeping right in bed next to me. She has been a sweetheart and is so concerned for me. And Chris has been absolutely fantastic in helping me out today (and it was so great that his boss let him leave work today to help me).

The doctor believes that I'll be feeling much better by Monday. I sure hope so! I hate just laying here not being able to help out. Of course, at the moment I can't do much. It hurts to even shift my weight. And it takes me about 10 minutes to change positions. I feel almost guilty being able to relax and watch tv while Chris has to chase the kids around this weekend. I will definitely owe him after this!


Bunny Ears

Belle's bunny ears that she made at playgroup a few days ago. She loves them!

Easter Egg Hunt (Part One)

Waiting for the signal to go find the eggs

Found one!

See my egg?

Look, another one!

Adding it to her collection

Being shy for the camera

The only picture I got of all the cousins (somewhat) looking at the camera

Some cute ladybug hair clips I got at Wal-mart later

Belle went to an Easter egg hunt at church this morning and invited her cousins along since they were in town. She had a bunch of fun and found quite a few eggs. Everytime she found one, she would gasp and say "I find egg!". She had an absolute blast! We'll be having a family Easter egg hunt tomorrow at Mimi and Grampi's.


Believe it or not, the only snow we had left on the ground from winter was what was left from the snowplows. We were having sunny days and we could see the (brown) grass at last! Spring was here! That is, until the day after spring. Snow. Horrible, horrible snow. We got stuck with a few inches of snow on Friday. Ugh! But, as soon as Isabelle woke up and saw all the snow outside, she wanted to go out and play. So, while Chris watched Grahm, I took her out so she could play. I also helped Chris out a bit and shoveled. It was a good thing I did because the inch or two we had already gotten was heavy! So by the time he went out later to shovel, he said his back was hurting by the time he got to the end of the driveway. He was thankful for not having to shovel as much, and it kept my mind off the cold while I was out there...as I do not like being out in the cold. Belle had a fun time though and walked all over the front yard and wiped the snow off practically everything she could find...even rocks. That's my little duster! But I didn't forget about Grahm...I snapped a couple pictures of him watching from inside the warm, cozy house. I only wish I had told Chris to take his bib off. But at least he wasn't wearing one of Isabelle's old pink bibs at the time!


Easter Time Fun

At the community center today, they had a whole bunch of Easter activities for the kids to do. It was put on by the Jaycees, who were very generous in their gifts and prizes for the kids. They gave away Easter baskets, candy, two bikes (which were actually part of a raffle), and little prizes for the games kids won. Belle and I just stuck to the crafts and cookies/juice though.

And, it's worth noting that Belle put her chick together all by herself! Yep, she put the wings, legs, beak, and eyes in the right place this time! Unlike her penguin. *sigh* She's growing up!

She did get her face painted today as well, although the first time through the line she absolutely refused once we got to the beginning of the line. But, as we were getting ready to head out, I asked her again if she would like to get her face painted and she said "Okay". So, we stood in line...again. And this time she willingly got her face painted and picked out a flower. I thought for sure she would go for the butterfly since she seems to really be in love with them at the moment.

Belle's Flower

Kiwi Fruit

Grahm absolutely loves kiwi fruit. Ever since his first bite, he's been hooked. Now, with Isabelle, she hates kiwi. Always has, and probably always will. That's why I was shocked when Grahm took to it right away. But, I suppose every kid is different.

But one thing they have in common is that they love songs! Grahm's favorite right now is "Itsy Bitsy Spider". He waves his arms about when the spider gets "washed out" and claps when it's all over. And if he's standing when you're singing the song, most of the time he'll do a little dance for you.

And in case you were wondering about his hair...yes, he is in need of a haircut; but no, he's not getting one. At least not for now. We're trying to see how it looks grown out.


It's a ...

Well, I am 3 for 3 on guessing the gender of our children. And before I say what it is this time around, I just want to say that everything looked good. Now, that doesn't mean I still won't worry. I think it's only natural to worry until you're actually holding the child in your arms. But the heart was beating strong and I was measuring right on target.

But to not keep you in suspense any longer, the next little one to join our family is a boy. Grahm will appreciate it when he gets older because then carrying on the last name won't rest solely on him, like it did on Chris (who really stepped up to the plate and now will have two little boys to carry on the name). Chris said he's excited to have two boys to hunt with him when they get older. If only hunting was cheap!

Well, I hope to have a picture of the ultrasound to post this weekend. The ultrasound technician wasn't that great this time around. I think they have gotten progressively worse with pictures and video with each child. Belle got a ton of pictures and a long video, Grahm got a little less pictures and a short video, and now this little guy only got 4 pictures and a 2 minute video! Oh well. And until he's born, he will probably just be known as little guy because Chris is in charge of naming the boys and he didn't name Grahm until after he was born. The whole point of me wanting to find out the gender is for planning purposes, so a name would be nice! *sigh*


Play Time

The other day, Chris' mom took Isabelle for the morning to go shopping and play. Well, that gave Grahm and I some one-on-one uninterrupted quality time together, which was really nice. Isabelle never really liked playing with this toy until she was older and knew how to hammer the pieces down. But Grahm absolutely loves it! As much as I know he loves Isabelle, I'm sure he loves being alone too. It gives him the ability to do what HE wants to do without a little girl putting a toy in his face and telling him to play with it or taking a toy of his away from him. They do play nice together at times too, though.