Easter Time Fun

At the community center today, they had a whole bunch of Easter activities for the kids to do. It was put on by the Jaycees, who were very generous in their gifts and prizes for the kids. They gave away Easter baskets, candy, two bikes (which were actually part of a raffle), and little prizes for the games kids won. Belle and I just stuck to the crafts and cookies/juice though.

And, it's worth noting that Belle put her chick together all by herself! Yep, she put the wings, legs, beak, and eyes in the right place this time! Unlike her penguin. *sigh* She's growing up!

She did get her face painted today as well, although the first time through the line she absolutely refused once we got to the beginning of the line. But, as we were getting ready to head out, I asked her again if she would like to get her face painted and she said "Okay". So, we stood in line...again. And this time she willingly got her face painted and picked out a flower. I thought for sure she would go for the butterfly since she seems to really be in love with them at the moment.

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