It's a ...

Well, I am 3 for 3 on guessing the gender of our children. And before I say what it is this time around, I just want to say that everything looked good. Now, that doesn't mean I still won't worry. I think it's only natural to worry until you're actually holding the child in your arms. But the heart was beating strong and I was measuring right on target.

But to not keep you in suspense any longer, the next little one to join our family is a boy. Grahm will appreciate it when he gets older because then carrying on the last name won't rest solely on him, like it did on Chris (who really stepped up to the plate and now will have two little boys to carry on the name). Chris said he's excited to have two boys to hunt with him when they get older. If only hunting was cheap!

Well, I hope to have a picture of the ultrasound to post this weekend. The ultrasound technician wasn't that great this time around. I think they have gotten progressively worse with pictures and video with each child. Belle got a ton of pictures and a long video, Grahm got a little less pictures and a short video, and now this little guy only got 4 pictures and a 2 minute video! Oh well. And until he's born, he will probably just be known as little guy because Chris is in charge of naming the boys and he didn't name Grahm until after he was born. The whole point of me wanting to find out the gender is for planning purposes, so a name would be nice! *sigh*

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