Believe it or not, the only snow we had left on the ground from winter was what was left from the snowplows. We were having sunny days and we could see the (brown) grass at last! Spring was here! That is, until the day after spring. Snow. Horrible, horrible snow. We got stuck with a few inches of snow on Friday. Ugh! But, as soon as Isabelle woke up and saw all the snow outside, she wanted to go out and play. So, while Chris watched Grahm, I took her out so she could play. I also helped Chris out a bit and shoveled. It was a good thing I did because the inch or two we had already gotten was heavy! So by the time he went out later to shovel, he said his back was hurting by the time he got to the end of the driveway. He was thankful for not having to shovel as much, and it kept my mind off the cold while I was out there...as I do not like being out in the cold. Belle had a fun time though and walked all over the front yard and wiped the snow off practically everything she could find...even rocks. That's my little duster! But I didn't forget about Grahm...I snapped a couple pictures of him watching from inside the warm, cozy house. I only wish I had told Chris to take his bib off. But at least he wasn't wearing one of Isabelle's old pink bibs at the time!

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