Park Time

Last week, before it got too cold, we headed to the park for the first time this year. While we met our friends there, the park was so big that we didn't really get a chance to talk/play together. And both Grahm and Belle wanted to go their separate ways, so I was running after them for the most part.

Don't worry - I took him out of the stroller right after this picture. I know, he looks so sad being stuck there!

Sadly, I don't think we'll be going to the park again for a while. It has gotten quite cold here lately with highs only in the 50's and rainy/windy. What a change from the high 70's we had a couple weeks ago!

A Dedication

This post goes out to my mom. She and Mark gave Belle this horse for her first birthday, and she has never really had a chance to ride it until the past few weeks. For one, it was stuck in a corner at our old house...in a room that was usually closed because our computers were in there. And then when we moved, it went into a room in our basement that was used for storage. And since the floor is concrete, it made me nervous having her ride on it.

But we have now moved it out of storage and into a room that she can access! She is constantly on that thing, and Grahm loves climbing on it. However, the one drawback now is that she is getting daring and trying to stand on it. Both her and Grahm usually manage to get my heart pumping at least once during the day!


Well, for the past few days I have been unable to take any new pictures because I cannot find my battery charger for my camera. I know it is somewhere in the house, but where I don't know! Either Grahm took it and hid it from me, or I took it and hid it from Grahm. I have a spare battery, but that has to be charged first before initial use. So, until I can find it, I guess I'm able to catch up on my posts as there are a couple that I wanted to make.

One of which is about the animals living in our basement window area. Last year we had a few frogs and a giant (according to me) spider. So far this year, the spider came back as well as two frogs (one of which I wasn't able to get on camera). Isabelle absolutely loves looking for the frogs in the window and gets so disappointed when they aren't there.

We also have quite a few groundhogs in the lot behind us. Elly loves to run out there and dig up their holes. She has yet to catch one though. Sorry that the picture isn't clearer. It was taken through a window screen...not to mention that it was quite a ways off!



That is the only word to describe today. It was absolutely beautiful outside today (low 70's) after the fog lifted in the morning. We spent our day:

*going to get food for the dog (and toys for Elly too at the request of Belle)

*checking out a quote for a vinyl fence (which we're hoping to do this summer before the baby is born)

*flying a kite with Mimi and Grampi (Belle flew it all by herself! It was so cute!)

*Belle and I going for a walk with our good friends up the street (Belle is absolutely in love with Ethny and always makes sure we drive by her house EVERY time we are in the car - no lie!)

*playing outside in the sandbox (and digging out all the worms - gross!)

*visiting G-G and Grammy (Grahm ran around the yard while Isabelle chalked up their patio)

*playing outside some more

*then finally baths and bedtime (phew!)

Talk about making the most of the day! Good thing too because it's supposed to start raining tomorrow evening and last on and off the rest of the week, as well as cool down to the 60's and then 50's by next weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday as much as we did!


23 Weeks

Alright, not the most accurate picture since I was wearing a baggy shirt (I tried pulling it tight for the shot), but now everyone can see how much my belly is growing. I have gotten quite a few requests, so I finally sucked it up and posted a picture. Everyone says how little I am, but I think that is due to the baby being so low. And in regards to the baby, he is doing well! I had an appointment with my doctor on Monday, and after taking a while to find the heartbeat (had me nervous for a bit there) she found it and then he kicked the monitor off. He did it another time and then finally gave up and let her listen to his heartbeat. He had us both laughing about it. But it's at a good 160 (identical to Isabelle).

Hang Ten, Dude!*

For some reason, I really like his hair in this picture. It's growing out nicely, I'd say!

*In reference to his shirt. If you zoom in on the picture, you'll notice that it's a hawaiian-type themed shirt.

Live and Learn

Well, I finally decided to start experimenting with my new camera (without reading the manual), rather than keep shooting in the "Auto" mode. And while these are good shots, the quality is very poor! They are less than 1 MB, compared to over 5 when I use "Auto". They are just too grainy, although what I do like about it is no flash and a quick shutter speed for the mode I was using (so the picture wasn't a big blur as it is when I don't use a flash in "Auto"). Well, I suppose I should go read the manual before I kick myself too hard for having a great shot but a bad picture.

Loved the milk rolling down his chin. That never seems to happen when he gets juice though. Doesn't want to waste a drop of that stuff, I guess.


Ready, Set, Hike!

Well, football season may be over, but it sure feels like fall outside! I put Daddy's old Broncos sweatshirt from when he was a kid on Belle this morning, and then she made me put a Broncos shirt on Grahm. Apparently she doesn't want to be the only one to support them, especially with all the Packer fans around us. But don't worry! They both have Packers jerseys as well.

Fun in the Sun

Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous (almost 70 degrees), so Belle and I spent the windy afternoon outside while Grahm took a nap. She is quite the outdoor girl and loves being outside any chance she gets. So, we made the most of our time and pulled dead leaves off plants, chalked the walkway, blew bubbles, and went on the swingset. We also sat on the deck and watched Daddy and Grampi rake and mow the lawn. Like I said, she loves to be outside, even if it's just sitting there for an hour doing nothing but watching. Oh, and because it was so windy outside, I convinced her to let me put pigtails in her hair! They were out the first chance she got though.


Puppy Love

On Friday, Mimi (Chris' mom) watched Isabelle for a couple hours so that I could go with Grahm and take a few things to Grace that I forgot to give the lady the first time (like her bed, etc.). It was good to see her again. The owner said that she is very affectionate and is adjusting well. I didn't want to take Belle along on the long car ride for fear that she would take a nap. If she takes a nap at all during the day, she is a beast the rest of the day and does not go down well at night. But Grahm did take a nap during the ride, which was fine because it was his nap time.

Well, when we got back to town, Mimi and Belle were walking the neighbor's 1-year old puppy. Isabelle looked so grown up holding the leash all by herself. It helps that the dog barely weighs anything and is trained very well. So, now Chris wants to get Belle a dog. Hahaha...not for a while! *sigh* I hope this is something I don't break down on. I really don't want to watch 3 children and 2 dogs in the near future.

Thank You

Just a thank you to all my family and friends who, while I was out with back pain: made us dinner, sent over cookies, watched the kids, let me relax, called/emailed/visited me (so I wasn't bored), and sent well wishes my way. A huge thank you goes out to my husband and his mom. While Peggy watched the kids during the days, my husband watched them in the evenings so I was able to spend the majority of time laying down in bed. As relaxing as that sounds, it gets boring very quickly! You can only watch so much tv in a day before you start to go crazy. But it did help my back. Thank you to everyone!

**On a side note, I've been going to physical therapy. The exercises they have been giving me have been helping and I'm scheduled to continue to go there until the end of the month. It's just with a growing belly, some of the exercises are getting uncomfortable to do now so they are having to improvise. Hopefully I'll still see results.


Grace is Gone

Alright, this would have been a lot better picture if I had been looking at the camera.

I think Isabelle will miss her.

Well, our little kitty cat is gone (to a shelter). Chris got her for me back in 2001 because I was living by myself at the time (my mom had moved to California) and he wanted me to have something to keep me company. Although I objected, he ended up getting me a cat. We named her Grace after the Dave Matthews Band song "Grace Is Gone". Chris' sister had picked out Velma for her though, but I'm glad that didn't stick (no offense, Lisa!).

She is a great cat (to me), but not so great with Chris and the kids...as well as other kids and some people. She has a tendency to bite/scratch Belle (even when she is just petting her nicely!), but last week she scratched her a little too deep for no reason. So, that was the last straw for me. As hard as it was for me to decide to give her up, I had to think about the well-being of my children. And I think it will relieve a little stress for me because I won't have to constantly be looking around for her, making sure she's not around the kids because she likes to lunge at them if they get too close, even if they are just walking by not paying any attention to her.

We took her to a rescue shelter where they do not euthanize animals. It is run by a woman and her volunteers. She was so nice and I felt very comfortable and ok with leaving Grace with her. And she said I am welcome to stop by anytime if I wanted to visit with Grace. I'll actually be making a stop out there later this week or next week because I forgot to bring her bed for her; it all depends on my back because it is killing me now for sitting in the car for an hour (roundtrip).

I miss Grace, but I'm sure she will find a happy home. Until then, I know she is being well taken care of. And if anyone is wanting a cat, I can give you the name and address where I took her. *smiles*