That is the only word to describe today. It was absolutely beautiful outside today (low 70's) after the fog lifted in the morning. We spent our day:

*going to get food for the dog (and toys for Elly too at the request of Belle)

*checking out a quote for a vinyl fence (which we're hoping to do this summer before the baby is born)

*flying a kite with Mimi and Grampi (Belle flew it all by herself! It was so cute!)

*Belle and I going for a walk with our good friends up the street (Belle is absolutely in love with Ethny and always makes sure we drive by her house EVERY time we are in the car - no lie!)

*playing outside in the sandbox (and digging out all the worms - gross!)

*visiting G-G and Grammy (Grahm ran around the yard while Isabelle chalked up their patio)

*playing outside some more

*then finally baths and bedtime (phew!)

Talk about making the most of the day! Good thing too because it's supposed to start raining tomorrow evening and last on and off the rest of the week, as well as cool down to the 60's and then 50's by next weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday as much as we did!

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