Grace is Gone

Alright, this would have been a lot better picture if I had been looking at the camera.

I think Isabelle will miss her.

Well, our little kitty cat is gone (to a shelter). Chris got her for me back in 2001 because I was living by myself at the time (my mom had moved to California) and he wanted me to have something to keep me company. Although I objected, he ended up getting me a cat. We named her Grace after the Dave Matthews Band song "Grace Is Gone". Chris' sister had picked out Velma for her though, but I'm glad that didn't stick (no offense, Lisa!).

She is a great cat (to me), but not so great with Chris and the kids...as well as other kids and some people. She has a tendency to bite/scratch Belle (even when she is just petting her nicely!), but last week she scratched her a little too deep for no reason. So, that was the last straw for me. As hard as it was for me to decide to give her up, I had to think about the well-being of my children. And I think it will relieve a little stress for me because I won't have to constantly be looking around for her, making sure she's not around the kids because she likes to lunge at them if they get too close, even if they are just walking by not paying any attention to her.

We took her to a rescue shelter where they do not euthanize animals. It is run by a woman and her volunteers. She was so nice and I felt very comfortable and ok with leaving Grace with her. And she said I am welcome to stop by anytime if I wanted to visit with Grace. I'll actually be making a stop out there later this week or next week because I forgot to bring her bed for her; it all depends on my back because it is killing me now for sitting in the car for an hour (roundtrip).

I miss Grace, but I'm sure she will find a happy home. Until then, I know she is being well taken care of. And if anyone is wanting a cat, I can give you the name and address where I took her. *smiles*

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