Well, for the past few days I have been unable to take any new pictures because I cannot find my battery charger for my camera. I know it is somewhere in the house, but where I don't know! Either Grahm took it and hid it from me, or I took it and hid it from Grahm. I have a spare battery, but that has to be charged first before initial use. So, until I can find it, I guess I'm able to catch up on my posts as there are a couple that I wanted to make.

One of which is about the animals living in our basement window area. Last year we had a few frogs and a giant (according to me) spider. So far this year, the spider came back as well as two frogs (one of which I wasn't able to get on camera). Isabelle absolutely loves looking for the frogs in the window and gets so disappointed when they aren't there.

We also have quite a few groundhogs in the lot behind us. Elly loves to run out there and dig up their holes. She has yet to catch one though. Sorry that the picture isn't clearer. It was taken through a window screen...not to mention that it was quite a ways off!

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