Puppy Love

On Friday, Mimi (Chris' mom) watched Isabelle for a couple hours so that I could go with Grahm and take a few things to Grace that I forgot to give the lady the first time (like her bed, etc.). It was good to see her again. The owner said that she is very affectionate and is adjusting well. I didn't want to take Belle along on the long car ride for fear that she would take a nap. If she takes a nap at all during the day, she is a beast the rest of the day and does not go down well at night. But Grahm did take a nap during the ride, which was fine because it was his nap time.

Well, when we got back to town, Mimi and Belle were walking the neighbor's 1-year old puppy. Isabelle looked so grown up holding the leash all by herself. It helps that the dog barely weighs anything and is trained very well. So, now Chris wants to get Belle a dog. Hahaha...not for a while! *sigh* I hope this is something I don't break down on. I really don't want to watch 3 children and 2 dogs in the near future.

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