Thank You

Just a thank you to all my family and friends who, while I was out with back pain: made us dinner, sent over cookies, watched the kids, let me relax, called/emailed/visited me (so I wasn't bored), and sent well wishes my way. A huge thank you goes out to my husband and his mom. While Peggy watched the kids during the days, my husband watched them in the evenings so I was able to spend the majority of time laying down in bed. As relaxing as that sounds, it gets boring very quickly! You can only watch so much tv in a day before you start to go crazy. But it did help my back. Thank you to everyone!

**On a side note, I've been going to physical therapy. The exercises they have been giving me have been helping and I'm scheduled to continue to go there until the end of the month. It's just with a growing belly, some of the exercises are getting uncomfortable to do now so they are having to improvise. Hopefully I'll still see results.

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