Dad Time

Before Daddy left tonight for his training this week (all week long), he spent a little play time with the kids and the dog. Rough housing with Dad is something they cannot do with Mom, so they absolutely love it. Belle loves climbing on him, while Grahm loves the fact that he can tackle Elly while Daddy holds her for him. Don't worry, the dog doesn't get hurt. And when things do go awry, Chris is right there to interfere (such as ear pulling, as you will notice below).

Afterwards, Belle was wandering around with her hands in her pockets, which she has loved doing the past month or two. I don't really know what brought that on, but she usually does it at least once a day.

Well, hopefully Chris does well in his training and passes it, and I can remain sane the whole week without Chris. At least the kids are at an age where they can play with each other. Unfortunately, it's not always nice play (i.e.: hairpulling and pushing). But for the most part, they are great towards each other and Isabelle is very giving of Grahm and looks out for him and gives him toys.

I guess I'm just more worried about the nights alone. I hate, hate, hate being alone at night. I have to be completely exhausted before I fall asleep because I analyze every noise I hear and hope it's not someone breaking into the window downstairs. I'm just glad we're not at our old house anymore because that place made a ton of wierd noises! I can guarantee the t.v. will be on all night every night so that if I wake up in the middle of the night or something it's not pitch black and silent. I hope this week goes by fast and Friday night gets here soon!

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