How Different They Are!

While I was playing downstairs with the kids tonight after their bath, we heard some thunder. And everytime Isabelle heard it, she would tell me that she's scared. So while I held her until bed time, Grahm just continued playing with the toys...completely oblivious to the storm that was going on outside.

As we made our way up the stairs, Isabelle saw the lightening and then heard more thunder outside. She bolted for her room at that moment. This is what I encountered when I entered her room*:

She actually ended up falling asleep about 10 minutes after that, still in the same position (although I pulled the blanket off her head).

Now here's Grahm:

While he wasn't smiling in this picture, he was running around the house laughing and smiling just a few minutes earlier. Apparently storms do not bother him. He's perfectly content ransacking his sister's bedroom while she sleeps.

*My brother Dave gave me the idea to take a picture of her and post it. So if Belle is going to be mad at anyone for this picture when she is older, she can blame him. :)

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