Ice Cream!

It's not often that Belle gets ice cream, but when she does I make sure to go all out for her...chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a couple cherries (her favorite part). Oh, don't think that she's not spoiled and never gets any treats. Believe me, she gets her fair share of candy and cookies and anything else sugary in our house (which we have a lot of because being pregnant brings out a major sweet tooth in me). It's just a lot of work to make an ice cream sundae as compared to pulling a cookie out of the box.

Here she is so excited to be getting some ice cream. Notice Grahm smiling behind her for the camera? What a cutie they both are!

Belle showing off her treat. And Grahm straining to be in the picture.

I felt bad the next morning for not taking any pictures of Grahm, after he was trying so desperately to partake in them, that I took a couple before breakfast. He has found a favorite new toy the past couple days...paper cups. He loves them!

Here he was smiling at his sister who was being goofy at the time and making silly noises for him.

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