Long Night

Well, night two without Chris was a little worse than night one. The first night both kids slept through the night, but I was up every couple hours because I just had a hard time sleeping by myself. Last night, however, was awful! I finally fell asleep sometime after 11:30 and I was awakened by Isabelle around midnight. She came into the bed, and I thought "Okay, you can sleep on Daddy's side tonight and that will be that". However, that was only the beginning. She fell right back asleep as soon as she crawled into bed, however, she tossed and turned for 20 minutes straight. I couldn't take it anymore! So, I carried her back to bed, and breathed a sigh of relief thinking that my problems were over. Well, one hour later, she was back. I thought I'd try letting her sleep in bed with me again because I was just too exhausted to drag her back to her bed. However, she was back to kicking me in the back, hitting me in the head with her arm, and sleeping sideways. I carried her back to bed, tucked her in, and went back to sleep by myself. Well, lather, rinse, repeat this process three (yes, three) more times. However, each of these times I got up as soon as she crawled into bed and walked her back to her room.

So not only was I tired this morning, but Isabelle was very whiny and disobedient (which I believe is from the lack of sleep she got as well). I am just so glad Grahm slept through the night again though, which definitely helped! He was his usual chipper self today. But because of Isabelle's mood this morning, I chose not to take her to the last Tiny Tots class. While I feel bad that we missed it, I didn't want to reward her bad behavior. And I also didn't want her disrupting the class with her attitude. It was not a fun morning.

But once her mood improved and she stopped sulking, she played with Grahm for a little bit in her room.

The aftermath of the storm

Hanging out together

Actually sitting in the chair for a change (he's usually standing on it)

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