Memorial Day

Yes, I realize it is no longer Memorial Day. I'm just a few days behind on posting! I had over 300 pictures to go through from the weekend though, so cut me a little slack.

But anyways, our Memorial Monday was really nice. We had absolutely perfect weather (almost 80 and sunny), and we were busy all day. Right after breakfast, we went over to G-G and Grammy's house (Chris' grandparents) and visited with them for a while. Although G-G was steaming the carpets, so we really didn't see too much of him. But Grammy sure took advantage of getting all the hugs and kisses since she didn't have to share the kids with him!

Afterwards, we went over to the park to look at the ducks and geese for a while and then headed down to watch the parade. Since it's a short parade, only about 10 minutes, there were hardly any people there so we had a prime watching spot. (Butterfest will be a different story though in a couple weeks)

After getting home (Grahm fell asleep on the ride), we all had lunch and then continued to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and went outside and played. Grahm spent the majority of his time climbing on the patio steps (big surprise there!). Isabelle took her butterfly net (a gift from Mimi and Grampi) and caught 3 butterflies! When asked if she wanted to keep them or let them go, she chose to let them go each time. What a sweetheart. One of the butterflies she caught was really pretty: purple and green wings with black spots.

And then (no, our day is not done yet!) we went over to Mimi and Grampi's with one of the butterflies to let it go at their house. Isabelle hot tubbed a little bit too while we were there. We went home, had dinner, and then went to bed. A very productive and busy day, but very enjoyable. And it's a good thing we spent so much time outside because we've had nothing but cold weather (along with wind or rain) all week.

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