Mommy's Big Helper

Well, Isabelle recently helped me make some banana bread while Grahm was taking his afternoon nap. In the past, I have only let her help with the mixing. But this day was different. She graduated from my little helper to my big helper and actually measured out the ingredients for me (under watchful supervision, mind you). I gave her the correct utensil (i.e.: cup, tablespoon, teaspoon) and she scooped and dumped for me. Granted, it took a little longer doing it this way, but she really seemed to enjoy having such a big role and took great pride in what she did.

Her "kiss the cook" face

Showing off her utensils

The finished product (well, up until the part where you bake it anyway)

**Edited to add: Isabelle's Great Grandma in California made her the apron that she is wearing. Isabelle absolutely refused to start baking until she found it and had it on. We had just a little meltdown because we had a hard time finding it. It was in a different drawer and buried (literally) under a whole bunch of bibs.

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