No Energy = No Pictures

Well, we've been busy since Chris has come home - walks, playing outside, going to playgroup, visiting with friends and family, doctor appointments, Mother's Day, and just everyday normal activities. Right now Chris is at the putting green with Isabelle (she got a free Princess hat from Disney Movie Rewards and immediately wanted to go golfing with it), and I should be taking a nap since Grahm is taking his nap, but I wanted to make a post real quick since it has been a while.

We've had really nice weather lately (70's today!) and have been trying to take advantage of it by spending the majority of it outside. And when both kids are outside being supervised only by me because Chris is at work, I can't possibly take any pictures because I'm too afraid of Grahm falling down the steps since all he likes to do is climb them. And yesterday the people who live two houses down had their little dog outside and let Isabelle (with Chris) go pet it. And now she wants a dog again. When asked what kind of dog she wants, she wants that one. Not one like it, but that exact one.

With Tiny Tots over, I started taking the kids to playgroup twice this week. And they've been playing outside on the playground, which means more running around for me. I'm glad they are having fun though, which is important. But man, by noon I am exhausted! I have been trying to go for walks when the mornings aren't too cold or rainy, which seem to help me stay energized. Well, until 8 at night anyway! I could close my eyes after Isabelle and I are done reading a book at bedtime and fall asleep right next to her!

Well, I'm going to try and get a short nap in before Chris and Belle get home (after I have a bowl of ice cream, of course!). And hopefully next post, I'll have pictures to add.

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