Our Day

Well, Chris will be home tomorrow night...yeah! I know Belle is looking forward to having him come home. Just yesterday she started asking when he was coming home. And when Elly started barking, Belle got excited thinking it was Daddy home from work. She also found some balloons that she wants to blow up for a party for when he comes home.

Today I had my last physical therapy appointment, which went okay. She said that I positive something in my right leg. I can't remember the word she used, but basically I have a lot of tension that runs from my calf to my lower back. And without Chris here all week, my back has really been taking a toll with the extra lifting and bending over. She was so nice and gave me a soft tissue massage, which helped for the time being so I could do my exercises. And my back felt better leaving than when I arrived, but now it's back to throbbing pain. But since I'm pregnant, there really isn't much more they can do for me. I was feeling a whole lot better last week, and I know that once Chris is back I'll be able to get better again. But she did say that if the pain continues after I have the baby, I should really go back to physical therapy because there would be so many more options they could do for me once I am no longer pregnant. Right now, I'm able to manage it pretty well on my own. Well, not right now right now per say since I have the added stress of caring for the kids by myself, but once Chris is home.

But after my appointment we had some lunch (McDonald's...the first fast-food meal I got them all week) and then took a slow walk around the neighborhood. I didn't really want to take a walk, but Belle had it in her mind even though I never mentioned it. In fact, after lunch I asked her if she wanted some ice cream, a cookie, or strawberries. Her answer: Want to take a walk. She's like her dad...she picks the answer that isn't there, not the obvious one. I mean really...what kid passes up ice cream to go walking????

After that, it was a pretty ho-hum evening. They played for a little bit, Grahm went down for a nap, Belle and I played puzzles, we ate dinner (Mac 'n Cheese and corn...hey, Chris is the cook in the family!), and then I gave the kids a bath before bedtime.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday.

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