Our Weekend at the Cottage

For Memorial Weekend, we headed up to Mimi and Grampi's (Chris' parents) cottage. We left Friday after Chris was done with work, which was perfect timing because that is when Grahm takes his nap, and came back home on Sunday. We had a really fun time and our days were always busy.

Things we did:
Dug for money in the sand (Isabelle found over $6!)
Played cribbage
Attended a birthday party for Chris' cousin who will be 16
Roasted marshmallows and made s'mores
Spent a lot of time outside
Went fishing (for the first time with the kids...it's harder than it looks!)
And visited with family

Isabelle did get hurt while we were up there though. She was running with Elly (the dog) and ran right into the kite string. She's okay. It did look awful for a few days though. It's finally clearing up and you can hardly see it anymore. It looks like a bad burn around her neck. So if you see a line on her neck in any of the pictures, that's what it's from.

And on a side note, Isabelle's potty training has been going excellent! Ever since I switched her over to big girl underwear a week or so ago from her training pants, she rarely has an accident. She only had one accident all weekend, so I'm very proud of her! I was so worried for a while there that we were going to have 3 in diapers. But Isabelle has really been growing up this past month and is starting to inch out of the toddler stage and into being a big girl. She also eats by herself now, which is something I worked with on her while Chris was gone to training earlier in the month. We were still having to partially feed her because she used to only take a bite or two and then ask for help. But while Chris was gone, I got stubborn and had enough because there was no way I was going to feed three kids with only two hands. I figured if she didn't want to eat, then she wouldn't get any snacks. She eventually came around and now she eats all by herself! Only rarely will she turn to Daddy (the "softy") and ask for help. But he's done good and hasn't given in. He used to, which is why I worked on Belle when he was gone. She sure is growing up fast. It's hard to believe she's only 2 1/2.

*Edited to add: Sorry, I keep changing the post because I keep changing the slideshow. The other two I had on there didn't fit completely on the screen and you couldn't click on the pictures if you wanted to see them again.

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