Story Time

After reading Isabelle a very short book Sunday night before bed, I told her she could pick out one more book to read. She turns to me, holds up two fingers and says "Two books." "No, only one more book" I told her. She then holds up one finger and says (in a rather disappointing voice) "One book." So, she goes over and picks out a book. And she doesn't pick out a short book or even a medium sized book. She picks out one of the longest books she has! It's a Peter Rabbit book that has stories about colors, numbers, time, and letters in it. (And after looking on Amazon, I found out it has almost 150 pages!) Looking at the clock and realizing how late it is getting, I ask her which part of the book she would like to read. To which she looks up at me with a puzzled look, as if wondering why she only gets to read part of the book. "All of it. One book. Only one book." was her response. No lie. She outwitted me, that little stinker!

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