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**There are quite a few pictures that follow the end of this post. You've been warned!**

That's how many weddings we have gone to this year so far, and 3 of them are Chris' cousins (with yet another one getting married next spring). So anyway, Chris' cousin Sara got married last week (yes, last week...I'm almost caught up on my posts!) and she looked absolutely gorgeous! And with all the rain we had been having, she ended up with a beautiful sunny day since Mother Nature got it all out of her system by then.

Now, I think Isabelle and Grahm looked quite cute all dressed up, but that didn't save them from the ceremony. While they weren't awful, they weren't perfect angels. And with being near the front, I had hoped they would be really quiet. But they made some noise, although really it wasn't too bad. Chris ended up taking Grahm out since he really doesn't understand the meaning of "Shh" yet. Or maybe he does, but thinks it's funny to be noisy when you say that. For the next weddings, we'll probably be sitting closer to the back I have a feeling. The only reason we were so close is because Belle and Grahm's cousin Alexis was a flower girl and she had to sit next to us after she walked down the aisle. Now, when I say "us", I mean the whole clan: Chris, me, Belle, Grahm, Chad (her dad), Luke (her brother), Mimi, and Grampi. Talk about a full pew! And no lie, every kid wanted to sit next to or on Mimi. She had this cluster of grandkids around her. It was actually pretty humorous, at least from my point of view. Now, if that was me, I might have been a little stressed having that many kids around me all wanting to sit on my lap or play/talk with me while a wedding ceremony was going on. She somehow remained calm through it all though.

At the reception, all the kids did a lot better since they were able to walk about and do their own thing. Isabelle loved watching the train go by outside and dancing with Lexie. And Grahm, well, he was most comfortable on the dance floor groovin'. Only when it was two hours past his bedtime did he really start to tucker out and want to be held (as did Isabelle). But they were both troopers and held in there for quite a while.

All in all, we had a great time (thank you Sara and Paul and congratulations!) and look forward to our next 3 this year. At least then I won't be pregnant anymore, so I won't have a sore back and swollen feet and ankles. However, we will have 3 (1,2,3!) kids by then, so wish us luck!

Belle by our tree out front before leaving for the wedding

How handsome is he with his hair slicked back?!

Belle and Lexie picking up the flowers after the ceremony

Grahm running around now that he doesn't have to be "quiet" anymore

Belle and Lexie sitting patiently for the pictures

Paul and Sara (bride and groom, obviously!)

Luke and his mom, Lisa

Being oh so good coloring quietly while at the reception

Lexie following suit (Now, you can't tell me you can't see parts of Isabelle in Lexie. I think they look so much alike!)

Grahm cutting a rug

There we are, a few minutes before we left. The kids were exhausted, so we'll have to be sure and take a family picture sooner next time!

Isabelle getting to dance with Daddy to "My Girl" (very sweet!)

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