Hot is an understatement!

Holy cow, was it ever hot and humid yesterday! Want to know how Isabelle and I spent the afternoon? Inside? Nope, outside. Sitting in the shade? Nope, out in the beating sun. Lazing around in the kiddie pool? Nope, running around (well, more her than me). All the while in the 89 degree heat and humidity.

Lucky Grahm got to take a nap in his nice shaded and cool room. Oh, how I envied him! Chris also took a little nap since he had a hard day at work. He took his on the basement couch where it is extremely cool. And for some reason, Isabelle felt the need to run around in the heat. How on earth the sun didn't zap her energy like it did mine is beyond me. Oh well, she had fun though, and I got to take some pictures of her since I had kind of been hogging the camera on Grahm lately.

Oh, and I also got a nice picture of the orange lilies that are finally starting to bloom out front (the pink ones are still just buds). I had gotten the lilies last year (orange for Grahm, pink for Belle) and I had completely forgotten about them. Apparently, they come back up without having to do anything to help them grow. About a month ago, I was wondering what was growing in the rocks (that's pregnancy brain for ya!). I'm glad I didn't pull them out now, thinking that they were weeds.

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