I realize that my posts have been missing in action for a couple weeks now, and I apologize for that. Things have been busy around here! My mom ended up surprising me for my birthday because she was in town (well, 6+ hours away, but closer than where she lives!) for a job interview. Chris went and picked her up at the airport but he had said he was going to work, which was a believable story actually. She was only able to stay for the night because she had to catch her plane in the morning to get back to teach. It was nice having her for the few hours I was able to see her though. And it was good timing too because a local business was having a grand opening in the morning, complete with face painting and a petting zoo! We stopped by to see the animals for a little bit before heading to the airport to drop MorMor off and ride the escalator.

After dropping my mom off, I headed back home to leave Grahm with Chris (since it was his naptime) and then I took Isabelle back to the petting zoo. Her cousins were in town, so she had a chance to see them there and play together because by this time they had set up the big jump house with a slide and they had added more animals. They even had a little pony, but Isabelle was really stricken with the baby goats that were only a week old. She spent the majority of her extra hour and a half in their pen petting them. She still talks about the one with the pink collar. I suppose now we have to get a baby goat instead of a puppy.

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