Well, summertime is officially here, weather speaking anyways. I don't think it really starts for a few more days to be technical. Anyhow! On Father's Day (which is when these pictures are taken), I decided to get their little kiddie pool out for them so Chris could take a nap. I figured it was fair since Chris took Belle out golfing so I could take a nap on Mother's Day. (Ugh, we must be getting old...I mean, really, what person actually asks for a nap as a gift???!!!)

They have been enjoying playing in it a lot, especially on those 80+ days. We've gone to the kiddie pool at the public pool once with our friends down the street, but holy cow it was freezing! Grahm didn't seem to enjoy it much, but after a while Isabelle really got into it. Our days have mostly been spent outside while the weather is warm, but not yet unbearable with the humidity.

Watering the deck

Look at those little toes!

So serious! A very rare picture for him

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