The Simple Things In Life

Now what on earth has this little boy so overjoyed?

Why, simply pouring water from one cup to another. Ah, the joys and wonderment of being 17 months old.

Grahm and I got to spend a little one on one time this afternoon because Chris' mom took Belle over to her house to go swimming since it was so hot out. We played inside for a little bit and then headed outdoors since he really hasn't gotten to spend much time outside this summer. I also was hoping to work on his tan (poor thing is white as can be), but I suppose using a lotion with an SPF of 50, there really isn't much hope there.


A Girl and Her Dog

Bart the Bear Elly the Dog

Now, you can't tell me that there isn't a slight resemblance of Elly and Bart the Bear here.


**nevermind the blade of grass right in front of her face. I'm too lazy to edit it out right now**

I took Isabelle's 3-year pictures this afternoon since it was overcast, making for a perfect opportunity for picture taking. Not too sunny where all you get are squinty eyes, and not too dark where you have to use flash. I took a little over 100 pictures in a span of 40 minutes, and this is number 101. As you can see, her patience was clearly growing thin at this point. We had even taken a little break to play in between, but even that wasn't enough to keep her happy. I kept asking her to smile for me, but all she would respond with was "I don't want to smile right now". So, I took just a couple more pictures (and amazingly got one with a little smile) and we went out front and chalked on the driveway until Daddy came home for lunch.


A Hunting He Will Go

Although not quite yet (thankfully). Chris got rid of his old boat (new to us as we had it only 3 years) that was leaking and was able to buy this new boat for duck hunting. It even has a spot in front for the dog. He got it in the mail on Friday. Well, technically, a big semi dropped it off and not the actual postman. He took it on the lake with Isabelle on Saturday while Grahm and I watched from the comfort of the air conditioned car and took pictures. Isabelle really seemed to enjoy and kept asking Daddy to go faster, although you can only go so fast with a trolling motor.


He Has What?!

Roseola. That is the final conclusion as to what has been ailing little Grahm. It starts as a high fever for a day or two and then a rash develops mainly on the chest and back for another day or two. All that is needed to treat it is Tylenol for the fever and that is it. It was that simple, yet we had an awful time trying to get the correct diagnosis.

Yesterday, the Physician's Assistant ordered him to take Cephalexin because a staph infection showed up in his urine from the day before. They test it right away, then 12 hours later, and then again at 24 hours. And she said at the 24 hour test, a very minor amount was found so she wanted to put him on an antibiotic for it, although she had said that it was probably just a contamination and not really staph at all. And as you know, she also wanted to test for Lyme's Disease , which we found out was negative this morning.

After he had developed a small rash this morning, I called Chris and he told me to keep an eye on it. Well, after lunch I noticed that it was creeping up his neck and face, so I immediately called the nurse's line and left a message. After waiting about half an hour, I get a call back and she said that they (the nurse and the PA) are going to "assume" it's an allergic reaction to the medicine so they want to prescribe something different for him but it is also stronger. Well, as soon as I heard the word "assume", I got upset and told her that he was starting to get a few small bumps on Tuesday and I had pointed them out to the PA and she brushed them off. So I was positive that it was not an allergic reaction to the medicine.

So then she has us wait for another call because she wants to talk to the PA about it. After calling back and talking to Chris, the PA remembers me pointing out the rash and she said that she just thought they were pimples. She said that they weren't going to change his medicine and to call if anything new happens. Um, hello, we called you because something new did develop and you're going to do nothing about it!

Fed up, I called Grahm's regular doctor, who was on vacation and was nice enough to take the call. After talking to him for a while, he suggested that I go to the urgent care at the hospital 45 minutes away because I should've had an answer by now. And he was pretty sure it wasn't staph because that is extremely rare.

So, all four of us headed out for the car ride and once there, the whole thing lasted an hour. Which really isn't bad at all considering we just walked in and didn't have an appointment. A third year medical student looked at Grahm first and asked us a whole bunch of questions and then came back later with the doctor. Right away, he said that it sounds exactly like Roseola, and he confirmed his diagnosis after looking Grahm over himself. He said to take him off the Cephalexin immediately since it was completely unnecessary because it was a skin contamination in the specimen.

How awful for Grahm to have to go through two appointments (both of which were over an hour and a half) and get poked and prodded, only to find out from one appointment that what he has is really nothing (at least nothing concerning). Like Chris said on the ride over, Grahm should never have had to get the blood drawn for the Lyme's Disease because he never had any bite marks (nor have we ever seen a tick on him). In my opinion, it seems like the PA just wanted to find something really wrong with him, so she kept pulling stuff out of the air. If she was so baffled, she should have given his case to someone else rather than keep getting his blood drawn. Ugh, I am just so upset/sick over the whole ordeal. I am just extremely glad that it is over though.


Poor Little Guy

Grahm has been sick with a fever since Sunday afternoon. We took him into the clinic on Tuesday morning after he had a 103 degree temperature during the night (and it was over 102 during the evening). They drew blood and such, but with a constant fever, no appetite, and being lethargic as his only symptoms, they really didn't have much to go on. His usual doctor is out of town all week, so I think that makes this even harder on everyone.

After getting nothing from the results of his tests, and still having a fever during the day on Tuesday, I took him back to the clinic today (Wednesday). The Physician's Assistant thought maybe he has Lyme's Disease, so they had to draw more blood from his little body. Unlike yesterday where they pricked his toe, they had to get blood from his arm. I don't know who had it worse...Grahm or me. As soon as they pricked his arm, he screamed and pulled away, which also pulled the needle out. But then only a minute later, the lab tech wanted to try again and couldn't find his vein, so she kept poking the needle around in his arm and moving it. Awful, awful, awful! So, then they called in a different tech and she was able to get some blood out of his other arm. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough, so they had to go back to his poor beat up and bruised arm. They were able to get enough blood finally, but the whole ordeal took about 20 minutes. It was so heartwrenching watching him have to go through this process. All I could do was hold him in between pricks and stroke his head while holding him down in an attempt to calm him while they were drawing blood. Grahm had the most awful screams/cries that I've ever heard. I couldn't help but cry when they were drawing his blood because there was absolutely nothing I could do to comfort him.

We were supposed to find out the results of the Lyme's Disease test tonight, but they never did get the results in before the Physician's Assistant left. So, hopefully we'll hear something right away in the morning. And while I hope and pray that it's not Lyme's Disease, I hate not knowing what is/was wrong with him. His fever is gone and he's getting his energy back and eating better, but he's still not 100%.


And behold, the comment feature works! I finally figured it out. I cannot tell you how happy I am about that!



Well, I have tried and I cannot get the comment link to work. So for anyone that has any name ideas, email them to me! :)


Name Help

Alright, Chris is kind of dropping the ball in picking out a name for the new little one. He is ultimately in charge of picking out the name for a boy (I just have to like it). Whatever name I keep suggesting to him, he keeps rejecting it. He is really procrastinating this time around and it's driving me nuts. So, I am asking for your help with name suggestions. So far, the only name that he likes is Joel. Which, really, is fine with me. But he doesn't seem 100% sure of it. He likes "strong" names. I put the comments back on, so feel free to leave any suggestion you have for a boy's name...just nothing ridiculous. Like Clark. Chris' sister Lisa keeps insisting that we name him Clark. She's trying to be funny more than anything (I think!). But when I hear Clark, I think of Clark Griswold from Family Vacation. And while I love that movie, I don't love that name. And feel free to comment however many times you want because the more suggestions the better. Hopefully this will get him thinking more of a name. Thanks in advance!

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Pool Time

We spent part of the afternoon today at Chris' parents pool since it was sunny and really, really warm outside. It was just the four of us since Mimi and Grampi are up at their cottage this weekend. (I hope we left the house without any extra mess for you two!)

This was really the first time Grahm has been in the pool this year. He went in a few weeks ago, but wanted out immediately. He enjoyed it this time around, especially when he was being held by Daddy because he was a little more fun than me.

Now Isabelle, she is becoming quite the little swimmer! Peggy took her a week or so ago and taught her to swim. Well, the basics anyway. She is actually very good at swimming from one end of the pool to the other (with arm floaters on, of course). But she keeps her head up and even stretches her arms out in front of her. She is getting better at blowing bubbles and sticking her face under water and holding her nose.

Oh, and yes, I'm sure you are all wondering where my picture is. Trust me, with this huge belly I have now, you're better off without a picture of me in a swimsuit. Good grief, some of my maternity outfits (including my swimsuit) are getting a little snug on me and having a hard time covering my belly. Only a few more weeks to go!



Lately, in the morning after breakfast usually, Grahm will go in our bedroom and turn on the alarm clock radio and dance around to it. Well, he squats more than actually dances. And Isabelle does some kind of chicken dance type thing. Regardless of how they dance or what they look like when they do it, they are pretty cute to watch. Now me, I wouldn't be caught dead dancing because, well, I can't dance. So I give these two kiddies a lot of kudos for pulling this off in front of people.


G-G and Grammy

Every Wednesday and Friday, we head on over to G-G and Grammy's house (Chris' grandparents on his dad's side). Belle and Grahm have a blast over there, especially when we're outside. Their backyard is a little nicer than ours because it's blocked off by shrubs and a fence, and not wide open like it is at our house. So, they are a little easier to contain but yet they have free reign most of the time.

During the winter (and occassionally this summer), Belle gets to play makeup with Grammy. Since I don't wear makeup except for when I go to weddings or other special occassions, my selection is pretty bare. But Grammy has quite the collection! I think she saves all her freebies she gets from the makeup counter. More than anything, I think Isabelle likes to play with the big brushes for her cheeks.

But on this particular day, we were outside enjoying the wonderful weather. Both kids had their juice (do they look alike or what in that picture?!) and relaxed for a short bit between running around the tree, chalking on the patio, or climbing the steps.


Belle and I spent a small amount of time outside on Friday afternoon. She splashed in her pool while I watched. I took a couple pictures of her, one of which I really like because the wind was blowing her hair around. She's such a cutie. But of course, I am biased because she is my daughter after all.


35 Weeks

Wow, just noticed on the ticker that I am 35 weeks along. Thank goodness it is almost over because I have been so exhausted lately. All I want to do is lay down all day and sleep, but obviously with two little ones that isn't possible. When the kids are playing, I do lay on the floor and watch them. At least they have each other to play with because I really have no energy to be fun, although I do try! Lately after our walks in the morning, we spend a little bit of time playing outside. I don't want to keep them cooped up all day.


July 5

So, here we are, our last day at the cottage. The two girls were out bright and early to go in the pool, which was fine because it felt like it was 80 degrees out at 9 in the morning already. They even had the sprinkler and slip-n-slide set up too...definitely trying to make the most of their last hours together since we were heading out by 11 so we could be home early. Grahm even got in on some of the action, but once he found the elephant slide he was occupied with that for a while. All in all, the weekend went great and it seemed really short (which I'm sure has something to do with being busy the whole time). But oh my gosh, I don't know how we're going to do it with three children next year!

Belle's footprints

She absolutely loved drinking water from the sprinkler!

When did he get old enough to climb up the steps and slide down by himself?

Peeking over saying something, most likely jibberish.

Here he is waving and saying "hi". He cooperated so nice for me to be able to take this picture.

A little chipmunk sitting on their woodpile. Those things make the most annoying noise, especially when you don't know where it's coming from.

Despite the warm temperature outside, the water was a little chilly.

*sigh* Poor Grahm, I think whenever I take his picture wearing waterwings, they are always pink! They do have green ones too!

July 4

This was an extremely busy and fun-filled day. As soon as breakfast was over, the kids were outside playing. And then we had to get ready for the parade at noon. It was a good thing Gary and Peggy (and whoever else helped) went out before the sun barely had a chance to rise and put out chairs along the parade route. The streets were packed! And it was driving Chris and I nuts because we couldn't turn onto a street to park because most of them were blocked with people putting their chairs right along the intersection! I mean, really, who does that?! Can't they line them up on the sidewalk like everyone else??? Very irritating, aggravating, annoying, etc. So, anyways! Everyone had a fun time, despite a couple drawbacks. Grahm had a bit of a meltdown at the beginning, which we believe was caused by his toes being curled up in his shoes and that was uncomfortable for him (and I can't blame him for being upset about that!). So Chris took him to the car and took his shoes off and everything, and he seemed to be okay after 15 or so minutes. And then Isabelle accidently got squirted by her cousin Luke when she walked right in front of him when he was shooting someone with his squirt gun. So then we had a little meltdown on her end. But in the end, everything actually went pretty well at the parade.

Grahm getting a much needed nap before the parade

Big sister Belle always watching out for her brother. She is quite the mother hen with him, it's very cute (and helpful...seriously!)

Some old war planes that fly over at the beginning of the parade

Isabelle absolutely loved the planes!

Uncle Tom helping Belle get candy from across the way

Uncle Tom and Grahm. According to Tom, Grahm must not have known who was holding him because usually he cries when he's with Tom.

Belle "enjoying" the parade

After the parade, we headed over to Little Mimi and Bompa's house (who are Chris' grandparents on his mom's side). We only ended up staying just a little bit (long enough to see a butterfly) because we had to get going to a party they were having for Little Mimi and Bompa's birthdays. This day was kind of in-between both of theirs.

A butterfly we found that was extremely tame. I think it was just hungry because it would fly around and keep landing on the same flowers.

Little Mimi and Bompa

When we got back to Gary and Peggy's cottage, Chris took Isabelle jetskiing for her first time ever. She looked like she really enjoyed it! Although I can say I was a nervous wreck the whole time. But of course, I had to get over it to take some pictures! Chris said that every once in a while he'd hear a tiny little shriek coming from her mouth from excitement. Very cute! Grahm even got to drive the pontoon a little bit while we watched Chris and Belle out on the water. And when Belle got bored with the jetski, she joined her cousins on the boat. She sure loves being out and about, as you can see by her smiles.

Yes, that's our dumb dog going after Belle and Chris on the jet ski.

Then while Lexie and Luke went on the pontoon and jetski with their mom for a little bit, the kids chased some bubbles. This is definitely something that has not gotten old for Belle yet, and it's becoming something very exciting for Grahm and he's loving it. We were just trying to waste time until we headed out on the lake to watch the fireworks. Poor little Grahm had to stay behind since it was already way past his bedtime. But from what Gary and Peggy said (they ended up watching him), he went down pretty quickly and easily.

Now Isabelle was really looking forward to the fireworks that night. And I thought for sure she would feed off the energy from her cousins because I have never seen two kids as excited as Lexie and Luke were that night. But apparently, as anxious as Isabelle was, as soon as she got some of that breeze on her face when we were on the boat, she was a goner. Yep, that's right, she missed the fireworks. Every once in a while, she would open her eyes and watch them for a brief minute or two, but really, I don't think it was registering what she was watching. But hey, at least we tried! And that was the end to our very busy 4th of July this 2008.

She's looking a little tired already as we just begin to head out to watch the fireworks on the lake.

And, she's gone.