**nevermind the blade of grass right in front of her face. I'm too lazy to edit it out right now**

I took Isabelle's 3-year pictures this afternoon since it was overcast, making for a perfect opportunity for picture taking. Not too sunny where all you get are squinty eyes, and not too dark where you have to use flash. I took a little over 100 pictures in a span of 40 minutes, and this is number 101. As you can see, her patience was clearly growing thin at this point. We had even taken a little break to play in between, but even that wasn't enough to keep her happy. I kept asking her to smile for me, but all she would respond with was "I don't want to smile right now". So, I took just a couple more pictures (and amazingly got one with a little smile) and we went out front and chalked on the driveway until Daddy came home for lunch.

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