G-G and Grammy

Every Wednesday and Friday, we head on over to G-G and Grammy's house (Chris' grandparents on his dad's side). Belle and Grahm have a blast over there, especially when we're outside. Their backyard is a little nicer than ours because it's blocked off by shrubs and a fence, and not wide open like it is at our house. So, they are a little easier to contain but yet they have free reign most of the time.

During the winter (and occassionally this summer), Belle gets to play makeup with Grammy. Since I don't wear makeup except for when I go to weddings or other special occassions, my selection is pretty bare. But Grammy has quite the collection! I think she saves all her freebies she gets from the makeup counter. More than anything, I think Isabelle likes to play with the big brushes for her cheeks.

But on this particular day, we were outside enjoying the wonderful weather. Both kids had their juice (do they look alike or what in that picture?!) and relaxed for a short bit between running around the tree, chalking on the patio, or climbing the steps.

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