He Has What?!

Roseola. That is the final conclusion as to what has been ailing little Grahm. It starts as a high fever for a day or two and then a rash develops mainly on the chest and back for another day or two. All that is needed to treat it is Tylenol for the fever and that is it. It was that simple, yet we had an awful time trying to get the correct diagnosis.

Yesterday, the Physician's Assistant ordered him to take Cephalexin because a staph infection showed up in his urine from the day before. They test it right away, then 12 hours later, and then again at 24 hours. And she said at the 24 hour test, a very minor amount was found so she wanted to put him on an antibiotic for it, although she had said that it was probably just a contamination and not really staph at all. And as you know, she also wanted to test for Lyme's Disease , which we found out was negative this morning.

After he had developed a small rash this morning, I called Chris and he told me to keep an eye on it. Well, after lunch I noticed that it was creeping up his neck and face, so I immediately called the nurse's line and left a message. After waiting about half an hour, I get a call back and she said that they (the nurse and the PA) are going to "assume" it's an allergic reaction to the medicine so they want to prescribe something different for him but it is also stronger. Well, as soon as I heard the word "assume", I got upset and told her that he was starting to get a few small bumps on Tuesday and I had pointed them out to the PA and she brushed them off. So I was positive that it was not an allergic reaction to the medicine.

So then she has us wait for another call because she wants to talk to the PA about it. After calling back and talking to Chris, the PA remembers me pointing out the rash and she said that she just thought they were pimples. She said that they weren't going to change his medicine and to call if anything new happens. Um, hello, we called you because something new did develop and you're going to do nothing about it!

Fed up, I called Grahm's regular doctor, who was on vacation and was nice enough to take the call. After talking to him for a while, he suggested that I go to the urgent care at the hospital 45 minutes away because I should've had an answer by now. And he was pretty sure it wasn't staph because that is extremely rare.

So, all four of us headed out for the car ride and once there, the whole thing lasted an hour. Which really isn't bad at all considering we just walked in and didn't have an appointment. A third year medical student looked at Grahm first and asked us a whole bunch of questions and then came back later with the doctor. Right away, he said that it sounds exactly like Roseola, and he confirmed his diagnosis after looking Grahm over himself. He said to take him off the Cephalexin immediately since it was completely unnecessary because it was a skin contamination in the specimen.

How awful for Grahm to have to go through two appointments (both of which were over an hour and a half) and get poked and prodded, only to find out from one appointment that what he has is really nothing (at least nothing concerning). Like Chris said on the ride over, Grahm should never have had to get the blood drawn for the Lyme's Disease because he never had any bite marks (nor have we ever seen a tick on him). In my opinion, it seems like the PA just wanted to find something really wrong with him, so she kept pulling stuff out of the air. If she was so baffled, she should have given his case to someone else rather than keep getting his blood drawn. Ugh, I am just so upset/sick over the whole ordeal. I am just extremely glad that it is over though.


lhoeft said...

Man, What a day! At first when I got to your page and read Roseola I thought that was the name Chris picked. lol I was thinking what the HELL kind of name is that & what is Chris smoking?! lol I'm glad it turns out Grahm is ok but how frustrating! Thanks for keeping everyone posted! =)

MerrandaVK said...

OH...my...word!!! How frustrating!!! Glad that you kept pushing to get it figured out. Poor little Grahm. Hope to see you soon. How fun that I get to comment now!!! :)