July 4

This was an extremely busy and fun-filled day. As soon as breakfast was over, the kids were outside playing. And then we had to get ready for the parade at noon. It was a good thing Gary and Peggy (and whoever else helped) went out before the sun barely had a chance to rise and put out chairs along the parade route. The streets were packed! And it was driving Chris and I nuts because we couldn't turn onto a street to park because most of them were blocked with people putting their chairs right along the intersection! I mean, really, who does that?! Can't they line them up on the sidewalk like everyone else??? Very irritating, aggravating, annoying, etc. So, anyways! Everyone had a fun time, despite a couple drawbacks. Grahm had a bit of a meltdown at the beginning, which we believe was caused by his toes being curled up in his shoes and that was uncomfortable for him (and I can't blame him for being upset about that!). So Chris took him to the car and took his shoes off and everything, and he seemed to be okay after 15 or so minutes. And then Isabelle accidently got squirted by her cousin Luke when she walked right in front of him when he was shooting someone with his squirt gun. So then we had a little meltdown on her end. But in the end, everything actually went pretty well at the parade.

Grahm getting a much needed nap before the parade

Big sister Belle always watching out for her brother. She is quite the mother hen with him, it's very cute (and helpful...seriously!)

Some old war planes that fly over at the beginning of the parade

Isabelle absolutely loved the planes!

Uncle Tom helping Belle get candy from across the way

Uncle Tom and Grahm. According to Tom, Grahm must not have known who was holding him because usually he cries when he's with Tom.

Belle "enjoying" the parade

After the parade, we headed over to Little Mimi and Bompa's house (who are Chris' grandparents on his mom's side). We only ended up staying just a little bit (long enough to see a butterfly) because we had to get going to a party they were having for Little Mimi and Bompa's birthdays. This day was kind of in-between both of theirs.

A butterfly we found that was extremely tame. I think it was just hungry because it would fly around and keep landing on the same flowers.

Little Mimi and Bompa

When we got back to Gary and Peggy's cottage, Chris took Isabelle jetskiing for her first time ever. She looked like she really enjoyed it! Although I can say I was a nervous wreck the whole time. But of course, I had to get over it to take some pictures! Chris said that every once in a while he'd hear a tiny little shriek coming from her mouth from excitement. Very cute! Grahm even got to drive the pontoon a little bit while we watched Chris and Belle out on the water. And when Belle got bored with the jetski, she joined her cousins on the boat. She sure loves being out and about, as you can see by her smiles.

Yes, that's our dumb dog going after Belle and Chris on the jet ski.

Then while Lexie and Luke went on the pontoon and jetski with their mom for a little bit, the kids chased some bubbles. This is definitely something that has not gotten old for Belle yet, and it's becoming something very exciting for Grahm and he's loving it. We were just trying to waste time until we headed out on the lake to watch the fireworks. Poor little Grahm had to stay behind since it was already way past his bedtime. But from what Gary and Peggy said (they ended up watching him), he went down pretty quickly and easily.

Now Isabelle was really looking forward to the fireworks that night. And I thought for sure she would feed off the energy from her cousins because I have never seen two kids as excited as Lexie and Luke were that night. But apparently, as anxious as Isabelle was, as soon as she got some of that breeze on her face when we were on the boat, she was a goner. Yep, that's right, she missed the fireworks. Every once in a while, she would open her eyes and watch them for a brief minute or two, but really, I don't think it was registering what she was watching. But hey, at least we tried! And that was the end to our very busy 4th of July this 2008.

She's looking a little tired already as we just begin to head out to watch the fireworks on the lake.

And, she's gone.

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