July 5

So, here we are, our last day at the cottage. The two girls were out bright and early to go in the pool, which was fine because it felt like it was 80 degrees out at 9 in the morning already. They even had the sprinkler and slip-n-slide set up too...definitely trying to make the most of their last hours together since we were heading out by 11 so we could be home early. Grahm even got in on some of the action, but once he found the elephant slide he was occupied with that for a while. All in all, the weekend went great and it seemed really short (which I'm sure has something to do with being busy the whole time). But oh my gosh, I don't know how we're going to do it with three children next year!

Belle's footprints

She absolutely loved drinking water from the sprinkler!

When did he get old enough to climb up the steps and slide down by himself?

Peeking over saying something, most likely jibberish.

Here he is waving and saying "hi". He cooperated so nice for me to be able to take this picture.

A little chipmunk sitting on their woodpile. Those things make the most annoying noise, especially when you don't know where it's coming from.

Despite the warm temperature outside, the water was a little chilly.

*sigh* Poor Grahm, I think whenever I take his picture wearing waterwings, they are always pink! They do have green ones too!

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