Name Help

Alright, Chris is kind of dropping the ball in picking out a name for the new little one. He is ultimately in charge of picking out the name for a boy (I just have to like it). Whatever name I keep suggesting to him, he keeps rejecting it. He is really procrastinating this time around and it's driving me nuts. So, I am asking for your help with name suggestions. So far, the only name that he likes is Joel. Which, really, is fine with me. But he doesn't seem 100% sure of it. He likes "strong" names. I put the comments back on, so feel free to leave any suggestion you have for a boy's name...just nothing ridiculous. Like Clark. Chris' sister Lisa keeps insisting that we name him Clark. She's trying to be funny more than anything (I think!). But when I hear Clark, I think of Clark Griswold from Family Vacation. And while I love that movie, I don't love that name. And feel free to comment however many times you want because the more suggestions the better. Hopefully this will get him thinking more of a name. Thanks in advance!

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lhoeft said...

I LOVE Clark!! =) lol just kidding. I really like Joel or what about Alex? Caleb? Chuckie...lol kidding again..I'll keep my thinking hat on!

lhoeft said...

i thought of another name too...Griffin =)

lhoeft said...

I'm supposed to put a name in from Uncle Big Tom...Harvey...yep I don't have a vote on this one!