Recently (as in tonight), I have really taken a liking to Photoshop Elements. Before, all I used to use it for was fixing blemishes and removing red eyes because everything else was extremely confusing (at least to me). But through another person's blog, I found Pioneer Woman, and she has a sort of tutorial on Photoshop (among some yummy recipes as well!). The two cowboy pictures I beefed up thanks to her site, as well as the following picture. Now, granted, I don't think it was a bad picture to begin with. It is actually one of my favorite photos of Belle from the 4th of July weekend. We were watching fireworks at Little Mimi and Bompa's cottage that night, and she just had such a content smile on her face that looked adorable. Anyway, the difference between the two isn't huge, but I definitely think the second one pops out a little more. Don't you agree??? Please say yes because it took me about 10 minutes to do! Once I get more comfortable with Photoshop, I'm hoping it will become a breeze to use and doing subtle changes like this will only take me a minute or two.



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