Poor Little Guy

Grahm has been sick with a fever since Sunday afternoon. We took him into the clinic on Tuesday morning after he had a 103 degree temperature during the night (and it was over 102 during the evening). They drew blood and such, but with a constant fever, no appetite, and being lethargic as his only symptoms, they really didn't have much to go on. His usual doctor is out of town all week, so I think that makes this even harder on everyone.

After getting nothing from the results of his tests, and still having a fever during the day on Tuesday, I took him back to the clinic today (Wednesday). The Physician's Assistant thought maybe he has Lyme's Disease, so they had to draw more blood from his little body. Unlike yesterday where they pricked his toe, they had to get blood from his arm. I don't know who had it worse...Grahm or me. As soon as they pricked his arm, he screamed and pulled away, which also pulled the needle out. But then only a minute later, the lab tech wanted to try again and couldn't find his vein, so she kept poking the needle around in his arm and moving it. Awful, awful, awful! So, then they called in a different tech and she was able to get some blood out of his other arm. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough, so they had to go back to his poor beat up and bruised arm. They were able to get enough blood finally, but the whole ordeal took about 20 minutes. It was so heartwrenching watching him have to go through this process. All I could do was hold him in between pricks and stroke his head while holding him down in an attempt to calm him while they were drawing blood. Grahm had the most awful screams/cries that I've ever heard. I couldn't help but cry when they were drawing his blood because there was absolutely nothing I could do to comfort him.

We were supposed to find out the results of the Lyme's Disease test tonight, but they never did get the results in before the Physician's Assistant left. So, hopefully we'll hear something right away in the morning. And while I hope and pray that it's not Lyme's Disease, I hate not knowing what is/was wrong with him. His fever is gone and he's getting his energy back and eating better, but he's still not 100%.


Hilary said...

Well, I am very happy your commenting feature is working but I am NOT happy about your little Grahm :( I'm soo sorry he's sick and I pray you find out very soon what's going on. I will also pray it is not Lyme's Disease.
I feel so sorry for you that you had to experience his pain and that it took so long to get blood! Poor guy. It is so hard as a mom to watch our little one's sick or in pain, isn't it? But, we are able to do exactly what they need - be there and comfort them.
I will pray for good news.

Miss you!

lhoeft said...
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lhoeft said...

What are you doing to my little cousin!? lol just kidding Sorry to hear he's so sick! I hope everything turns out well for you guys! But besides the sick part, that's a SUPER cute picture of him!! =)

Uncle Dave said...

I know how he feels. I had blood taken from me today and I felt like passing out. Poor kid! I sure hope he gets better soon.