The Simple Things In Life

Now what on earth has this little boy so overjoyed?

Why, simply pouring water from one cup to another. Ah, the joys and wonderment of being 17 months old.

Grahm and I got to spend a little one on one time this afternoon because Chris' mom took Belle over to her house to go swimming since it was so hot out. We played inside for a little bit and then headed outdoors since he really hasn't gotten to spend much time outside this summer. I also was hoping to work on his tan (poor thing is white as can be), but I suppose using a lotion with an SPF of 50, there really isn't much hope there.

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MerrandaVK said...

Ang - My Kids STILL love pouring. When does that ever get old? and YES we did sell our van that day we came to your house. We just picked up our new one last night. WHAT a step up from our old Odyssey!! I am going to have keep checking in with you more regularly now that you are nearing the end of this pregnancy :)