Who Cares?

Before having kids (actually, literally until 2 weeks or so ago) I used to always wonder why on earth a parent would leave the house with their child in mismatched clothes. Are they not embarrassed that their son/daughter has on striped purple and blue shorts, polka dot socks, and a green shirt that looks absolutely hideous when put together? All I knew was that I was embarrassed for them and vowed never to let my children wear clothes that did not match and to make sure that they looked perfect before heading out the door.

Well, that vow only lasted until recently when Isabelle started getting dressed herself. She enjoys picking out her clothes and putting them on herself. And all I can say is "Hallelujah!" I have never, ever been so thankful for mismatched clothes. It is so nice not having to dress one child in the morning. You'd be amazed at how much time that frees up! Before, I used to pick something out for her and there would be days when she would wear it and days when she would downright refuse and throw a fit. Now, after breakfast, she goes into her room and emerges only a few minutes later all ready for the day. No tantrum, no nothing. She does have some clothes hanging in her closet that she can't reach, so she will often ask for assistance, but other than that she does everything for herself.

Now, I know that outfit in the picture isn't horrendous, but it doesn't exactly go together either. She has on a black Harley Davidson shirt with pink flowers on it, and then a blue skirt with purple flowers on it. The skirt goes with a matching Raggedy Anne t-shirt and purse, but she didn't want to wear that (at least not today).

I never thought I wouldn't care having her in mismatched clothes, but man, was I wrong! If it means one less thing I have to do, I'm all for it!

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