1 Week!

Well, Casey is already one week old today. So, I thought I would try and get some pictures of the three of them in honor of this occassion. And also because I haven't taken any pictures of all three yet.

This was the only decent picture I could get with all three of the kiddos. Grahm was not being very cooperative. But then again, he's only 18 months old...can't really blame him!

Isabelle is absolutely in love with Casey. She is really good with him and likes to remind Chris and I to be gentle with Casey because he is little.

Usually wherever Casey is, Belle is right there next to him.

Grahm is warming up to Casey. He'll give him kisses and hug him, although we're still working on the gentle part of it. He is a little rough yet. He's trying though!

Night Owl

If only this picture was a portrayal of his nighttime sleeping habits.

Well, I may as well go about my day starting at 2 am because that is when Casey seems to think the day begins. Seriously, he is pretty much up from 2 until 6. Sure, he'll sleep if I hold him. But I'm so exhausted at that time that I'm afraid I'll forget I'm holding him. So, I put him in his bassinet and within 5 minutes he is up again. *sigh* He'll sleep in his bassinet any other time during the day though. Chris will usually take him for me for 30 minutes so that I can get a little sleep. Knowing he has to work, I hate to ask him to watch him any longer. And besides, Casey seems to be on a 30 minute eating/snacking schedule during this time anyway. Oh well. I know he'll get straightened out eventually.


Without Further Ado...

Casey Thomas is here! He came in weighing 7 lbs 12 oz and is 20 1/2" long.

**More pictures and story to follow (hopefully later tonight)**


All Set!

Well, I got the phone call tonight from Labor and Delivery just confirming my appointment tomorrow morning. Everything is a go! They said that if for some reason it gets full, they'll call me. How disappointing would that be?!

It's been a pretty uneventful day today. Isabelle and I went to the store to stock up on items so that neither I nor Chris have to go get anything next week (or the week after, hopefully...I can't remember how often babies go through diapers when they are born). Thinking back, I forgot to get juice for the kids. Oh well, they can get used to water. Not that they really drink all that much juice anyway. And I always give it to them watered down. I guess I'll just have to really water it down now and ration it!

I also went for a walk with my friend Merranda up the street. We walked with the babies in the strollers (well, her baby, my soon to be toddler) while the other kids rode their bikes. If I didn't mention it before, Isabelle got a bike for her birthday. She has gotten to be really great at it! And it's so nice where they are building a new subdivision by our house because there is pretty much no traffic so the kids have free reign of the road, which makes it a lot easier for a beginning biker.

And as a sweet surprise, my neighbor across the street dropped off some fresh blueberries and a couple peaches from the farmer's market she had picked up today. The kids and I ate both peaches this afternoon for a snack, and wow they were good! With the way Grahm and Isabelle inhaled them so quickly, you'd think I hadn't just fed them lunch! And I will be completely surprised if the blueberries are still in the fridge when I get back on Friday. My guess is that they will be gone before the day is over tomorrow because they both love blueberries. Darn things are so expensive though, so I always buy the frozen kind. But fresh blueberries are so much better!

Well, I'm off to get some sleep! Hopefully everything goes smoothly tomorrow and I'll be posting pictures on Friday or Saturday. :)


A Video for You

Chris and I have this video and absolutely love it. This is one of the best parts of it (although there are many other good parts in it as well). Thought it was very fitting.

Wednesday for Sure

Well, on the way to the clinic this morning for my appointment, Chris and I decided to go ahead with the induction on Wednesday. We have to be at the hospital at 7:30 am (which means leaving here a little after 6:30). I'm really hoping for a repeat like Grahm where I was scheduled to be induced but then went into labor all my own that morning a few hours before we had to arrive.

While I cringe at the thought of getting induced (not looking forward to the harder labor), I am also excited at the thought. Even though I'm not uncomfortable or anything, I'm just very anxious to meet this little one now. And to finally know his name...ha! :) Chris still hasn't decided on a name 100% yet. It was down to two, and now today it is up to three choices.

Well, wish me luck for Wednesday. Of course, if I do go before then, I will let you know. And I will post pictures as soon as I'm able.


Maybe Wednesday???

Well, since I have been emailed asking if I was in labor since I didn't post, I figured I better stick to my daily posts a little earlier in the evening! Last week at my appointment, my doctor asked if I wanted to be induced on Wednesday the 20th. I was all against it because there really wasn't a need or a desire to. But after letting it stew in my brain for a few days, I'm actually not totally against it right now. I mean, it is nice to have a planned day for it to happen (provided the induction goes smoothly and I'm not sent back home). But then again, it's extremely nice being able to do most of the work in my own home comfortably. Well, not all that comfortably. And things seem to go so much slower when you're induced. But, my doctor would for sure deliver the baby that day since she is on call. I don't know, I'm still really undecided. There are a lot more pros and cons to it. I think on the way to the clinic tomorrow for another appointment, I'll make a list because I want to decide by the time I get there so I can make the appointment for Wednesday if I need to. Chris will be driving me just in case I start having contractions (haha, doubtful!), so that will give me the time to make the list. I'm really hoping that I'll be more dilated tomorrow, because if I am then I will most likely ask to be induced on Wednesday. Ugh, decisions, decisions! So, anyway, I will let you know what I decide tomorrow (earlier, rather than later like tonight).


What a Beautiful Day!

(Yep, I'm still here!)

The mornings have been quite cool here lately (*sigh*, fall is quickly approaching), but the afternoons and evenings have been warming up to the 70's and 80's. Rather than filling Isabelle's pool up today, she played in her new sprinkler. However, she spent most of her time far away from it as she did not want to get wet. Only a few times did she venture close enough to it to actually get water on her. I think if she had someone to play with, she would've had a little more fun. (I'm talking to you here, Merranda! I'll be inviting you and your kids over the next time I get it out. *smile*)

After Grahm's nap and before dinner, Chris and I took the kids over to the new park they just finished by our house. They both had a lot of fun getting out of the house and playing. Isabelle spent most of her time on these step things:

Grahm, on the other hand, spent most of his time doing this:

He went down the slide a handful of times, but walking around on the playground was his main desire. Chris was the one who got to watch him and climb around with him. But boy, if you even thought about holding Grahm's hand (for fear that he'd fall off), watch out! He would cry like you wouldn't believe! He has been very stubborn lately and throws a tantrum when he doesn't get his way. He does not like being told he can't do something. But like I told Chris, I'd rather deal with it now than later when it would be almost impossible to take care of.


Officially Overdue!

**Edited again to add:
Since asked, Isabelle was induced 5 days early soley because my doctor was going on vacation all week during her due date and I really wanted my doctor to deliver her, especially being my first. And Grahm was born exactly 1 week late with a scheduled induction that morning, but I ended up having contractions naturally very early that morning so I didn't need to be induced.**

**Edited to add:
Oh, ignore what the ticker says. Clearly the baby is not one day old right now!**

Well, no baby yesterday. And frankly, I don't mind. It's a lot easier having him in than out. But I feel bad for my mom who has been here 2 weeks in anticipation of this little guy...and to help out with the kids while I'm in the hospital with the baby. This little guy really doesn't seem to be in any hurry though. At least it doesn't seem like it. But I'm not miserable feeling or anything, so I can't complain. This is probably the best pregnancy I've had so far! Well, minus the excruciating back pain I had a few months back.

My mom is leaving very early tomorrow morning, and knowing her luck, as soon as she lands back home I'll go into labor. How awful would that be?! It has been nice having her around though, if anything for the company during the day. She also was able to accompany me to two doctor's appointments, along with the kids. So, we did some shopping while we were out and about and she treated us to many meals while she was here, which is a rare treat for us because we rarely eat out anymore. It has also been nice to not have to clean up the basement for two weeks. (For those that don't know, the basement is where we have all the toys for the kids.) She has been picking up toys at least twice a day, which has been such a huge help!

So, on a side note, does anyone care to venture a guess as to when this baby will finally come? I'm not thinking until the 20th because Grahm will turn 18 months that day, or the 22nd because Chris' grandparents are having a birthday party dinner for the two of them that day. I'm really leaning toward the 22nd because wouldn't that just be the case?? I also think that is his grandpa's actual birthday, so that would be pretty neat. So, what do you think? Do you think the little guy will come on one of those days? Or do you think I'll go 2 weeks overdue and have to get induced? Or do you have a different date in mind? Oh, please say you have a gut feeling it will be today! As stated before, it really is easier having him in than out, but I would really like to see and hold him soon!

Oh, and for those that are wondering, Chris is leaning towards two names right now, although I don't want to say anything for fear that he will change his mind. But, I'm 99% sure that the middle name will be Thomas, which is what Chris' middle name is. And I will try to be posting every day now so you don't think I went into labor and had the baby. Who knows, maybe I'll even feel up for posting while I'm going through contractions just to keep you updated. I will do my best to let you know when the big day arrives!


40 Weeks

Hahaha, I just had to laugh. The ticker to the right says "It's go time!", and boy, do I ever hope so!

Following Daddy's Footsteps

Grahm is "playing" Madden 09 with Daddy. I think we have a future gamer in our midst. :)



Grahm will be turning 18 months old later this month, so I took his pictures over the weekend. Out of the 101 pictures I took, I only have this one picture that I'm happy with. He is impossible to take pictures of. As soon as I had him in a cute pose, I had to get myself in position. But being 9 months pregnant, I'm not exactly quick, so he'd be up and running around just as I was about to snap his picture. Very frustrating! But, one picture after all that work is better than none! And here's hoping that he'll be a big brother very, very soon! Although I'm not holding my breath (or crossing my legs...haha!).


We went to our church's annual Summerfest on Sunday (twice, in fact). Isabelle really enjoyed the petting zoo and kept wanting to go back and look at the animals. I somehow wonder if we lived on a farm if she would still find the animals as exciting. Both Grahm and Belle got to spend a couple minutes in the jump house. It was Grahm's first time in one and he really seemed to enjoy it. He had a hard time crawling in it though. A couple times he was actually able to stand up, but it only lasted a brief second.


Still Here

Don't let my absence of posts fool you. I am still here with a week left until my due date. I am still working on narrowing down Belle's birthday pictures, so I will try to post them this weekend. Although Chris and I finally purchased Halo 3 (a little late with that, I know), so I can't promise that they will be done this weekend. But as stated, I will try! My mom has also been in town since Saturday, so we've been busy hanging out. And I had a doctor appointment on Wednesday and Isabelle had her 3-year checkup on Tuesday, so we've been busy just being out and about with errands. And my friend Mary and her two little guys stopped by yesterday too, so I got to catch up with her. And not realizing until I sat down at my computer that I forgot to take pictures! Blame it on pregnancy brain or else just enjoying time talking with someone and not worrying about pictures.

Yesterday, since it was nice out, I washed the car (by hand, not at the car wash) after Chris got home. I'm sure I made my brother proud, being the car fanatic that he is. *smile* I mean, really, I'm sure there are not too many pregnant women out there with only 7 days left who wash their car.

How shiny!

Chris and I also installed the infant car seat yesterday. Well, he actually did all the work. In order to make it fit, we ended up having to switch Grahm and Belle's seats. So, it wasn't just a quick pop the car seat in and you're done. It was quite an ordeal, but we did manage to fit all three seats in the middle row safely. Well, we have one (main) thing done for the baby. I guess I'll be working on the rest this weekend sometime.

Count 'em...one, two, three!

Isabelle and I went for a ride after we washed the car


The Big 3!

Belle at only an hour old

Well, today is the day that Isabelle turns 3 years old. How time truly does fly by. What has made time even quicker is the fact that I've gone through two pregnancies during this time. (On a side note, thankfully I have not had any contractions yet. My doctor is out of town all week, so I'm hoping this little guy will stay put at least another week so I don't have to have someone different deliver him.)

Just under one year

We're having a little party for her this afternoon with her friends (and family/relatives too). It will be the first time she'll have kids at her party as they usually just consist of relatives. But man, when you mix kids into the pile, you actually have to have a party. Not just a cake and gifts. I've enjoyed the planning for her party, but it is a lot of work trying to decide what to do. It took me forever just to decide on a theme! I'll be sure to post pictures later after it's all said and done. I hope she (and the other kids) have fun. Crossing my fingers!