All Set!

Well, I got the phone call tonight from Labor and Delivery just confirming my appointment tomorrow morning. Everything is a go! They said that if for some reason it gets full, they'll call me. How disappointing would that be?!

It's been a pretty uneventful day today. Isabelle and I went to the store to stock up on items so that neither I nor Chris have to go get anything next week (or the week after, hopefully...I can't remember how often babies go through diapers when they are born). Thinking back, I forgot to get juice for the kids. Oh well, they can get used to water. Not that they really drink all that much juice anyway. And I always give it to them watered down. I guess I'll just have to really water it down now and ration it!

I also went for a walk with my friend Merranda up the street. We walked with the babies in the strollers (well, her baby, my soon to be toddler) while the other kids rode their bikes. If I didn't mention it before, Isabelle got a bike for her birthday. She has gotten to be really great at it! And it's so nice where they are building a new subdivision by our house because there is pretty much no traffic so the kids have free reign of the road, which makes it a lot easier for a beginning biker.

And as a sweet surprise, my neighbor across the street dropped off some fresh blueberries and a couple peaches from the farmer's market she had picked up today. The kids and I ate both peaches this afternoon for a snack, and wow they were good! With the way Grahm and Isabelle inhaled them so quickly, you'd think I hadn't just fed them lunch! And I will be completely surprised if the blueberries are still in the fridge when I get back on Friday. My guess is that they will be gone before the day is over tomorrow because they both love blueberries. Darn things are so expensive though, so I always buy the frozen kind. But fresh blueberries are so much better!

Well, I'm off to get some sleep! Hopefully everything goes smoothly tomorrow and I'll be posting pictures on Friday or Saturday. :)

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