The Big 3!

Belle at only an hour old

Well, today is the day that Isabelle turns 3 years old. How time truly does fly by. What has made time even quicker is the fact that I've gone through two pregnancies during this time. (On a side note, thankfully I have not had any contractions yet. My doctor is out of town all week, so I'm hoping this little guy will stay put at least another week so I don't have to have someone different deliver him.)

Just under one year

We're having a little party for her this afternoon with her friends (and family/relatives too). It will be the first time she'll have kids at her party as they usually just consist of relatives. But man, when you mix kids into the pile, you actually have to have a party. Not just a cake and gifts. I've enjoyed the planning for her party, but it is a lot of work trying to decide what to do. It took me forever just to decide on a theme! I'll be sure to post pictures later after it's all said and done. I hope she (and the other kids) have fun. Crossing my fingers!


Hilary said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Isabelle!!
I hope you had a great party!

lhoeft said...

Well Happy Birthday to Isabelle!! She has gotten SO big! Looking back at the old pictures! Her 3 year old picture, she looks so old & her hair is so long! I hope you guys had a great day!

MerrandaVK said...

8 DAYS TO GO!!!! OH my goodness. WOW - baby boy is going to be here soon!!!!!!