Maybe Wednesday???

Well, since I have been emailed asking if I was in labor since I didn't post, I figured I better stick to my daily posts a little earlier in the evening! Last week at my appointment, my doctor asked if I wanted to be induced on Wednesday the 20th. I was all against it because there really wasn't a need or a desire to. But after letting it stew in my brain for a few days, I'm actually not totally against it right now. I mean, it is nice to have a planned day for it to happen (provided the induction goes smoothly and I'm not sent back home). But then again, it's extremely nice being able to do most of the work in my own home comfortably. Well, not all that comfortably. And things seem to go so much slower when you're induced. But, my doctor would for sure deliver the baby that day since she is on call. I don't know, I'm still really undecided. There are a lot more pros and cons to it. I think on the way to the clinic tomorrow for another appointment, I'll make a list because I want to decide by the time I get there so I can make the appointment for Wednesday if I need to. Chris will be driving me just in case I start having contractions (haha, doubtful!), so that will give me the time to make the list. I'm really hoping that I'll be more dilated tomorrow, because if I am then I will most likely ask to be induced on Wednesday. Ugh, decisions, decisions! So, anyway, I will let you know what I decide tomorrow (earlier, rather than later like tonight).

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