Night Owl

If only this picture was a portrayal of his nighttime sleeping habits.

Well, I may as well go about my day starting at 2 am because that is when Casey seems to think the day begins. Seriously, he is pretty much up from 2 until 6. Sure, he'll sleep if I hold him. But I'm so exhausted at that time that I'm afraid I'll forget I'm holding him. So, I put him in his bassinet and within 5 minutes he is up again. *sigh* He'll sleep in his bassinet any other time during the day though. Chris will usually take him for me for 30 minutes so that I can get a little sleep. Knowing he has to work, I hate to ask him to watch him any longer. And besides, Casey seems to be on a 30 minute eating/snacking schedule during this time anyway. Oh well. I know he'll get straightened out eventually.

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