Officially Overdue!

**Edited again to add:
Since asked, Isabelle was induced 5 days early soley because my doctor was going on vacation all week during her due date and I really wanted my doctor to deliver her, especially being my first. And Grahm was born exactly 1 week late with a scheduled induction that morning, but I ended up having contractions naturally very early that morning so I didn't need to be induced.**

**Edited to add:
Oh, ignore what the ticker says. Clearly the baby is not one day old right now!**

Well, no baby yesterday. And frankly, I don't mind. It's a lot easier having him in than out. But I feel bad for my mom who has been here 2 weeks in anticipation of this little guy...and to help out with the kids while I'm in the hospital with the baby. This little guy really doesn't seem to be in any hurry though. At least it doesn't seem like it. But I'm not miserable feeling or anything, so I can't complain. This is probably the best pregnancy I've had so far! Well, minus the excruciating back pain I had a few months back.

My mom is leaving very early tomorrow morning, and knowing her luck, as soon as she lands back home I'll go into labor. How awful would that be?! It has been nice having her around though, if anything for the company during the day. She also was able to accompany me to two doctor's appointments, along with the kids. So, we did some shopping while we were out and about and she treated us to many meals while she was here, which is a rare treat for us because we rarely eat out anymore. It has also been nice to not have to clean up the basement for two weeks. (For those that don't know, the basement is where we have all the toys for the kids.) She has been picking up toys at least twice a day, which has been such a huge help!

So, on a side note, does anyone care to venture a guess as to when this baby will finally come? I'm not thinking until the 20th because Grahm will turn 18 months that day, or the 22nd because Chris' grandparents are having a birthday party dinner for the two of them that day. I'm really leaning toward the 22nd because wouldn't that just be the case?? I also think that is his grandpa's actual birthday, so that would be pretty neat. So, what do you think? Do you think the little guy will come on one of those days? Or do you think I'll go 2 weeks overdue and have to get induced? Or do you have a different date in mind? Oh, please say you have a gut feeling it will be today! As stated before, it really is easier having him in than out, but I would really like to see and hold him soon!

Oh, and for those that are wondering, Chris is leaning towards two names right now, although I don't want to say anything for fear that he will change his mind. But, I'm 99% sure that the middle name will be Thomas, which is what Chris' middle name is. And I will try to be posting every day now so you don't think I went into labor and had the baby. Who knows, maybe I'll even feel up for posting while I'm going through contractions just to keep you updated. I will do my best to let you know when the big day arrives!


MerrandaVK said...

I think it will be Sunday, but you'll go into labor tomorrow. you will NOT GO OVER 2 weeks!!!! I am willing that for you :) thanks for keeping us posted. your spirits seem high for being overdue:)

remind us again, how over due were you with the other 2?

lhoeft said...

...Thomas...what a great name =)
defenitely after a great person

lhoeft said...
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lhoeft said...
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