Still Here

Don't let my absence of posts fool you. I am still here with a week left until my due date. I am still working on narrowing down Belle's birthday pictures, so I will try to post them this weekend. Although Chris and I finally purchased Halo 3 (a little late with that, I know), so I can't promise that they will be done this weekend. But as stated, I will try! My mom has also been in town since Saturday, so we've been busy hanging out. And I had a doctor appointment on Wednesday and Isabelle had her 3-year checkup on Tuesday, so we've been busy just being out and about with errands. And my friend Mary and her two little guys stopped by yesterday too, so I got to catch up with her. And not realizing until I sat down at my computer that I forgot to take pictures! Blame it on pregnancy brain or else just enjoying time talking with someone and not worrying about pictures.

Yesterday, since it was nice out, I washed the car (by hand, not at the car wash) after Chris got home. I'm sure I made my brother proud, being the car fanatic that he is. *smile* I mean, really, I'm sure there are not too many pregnant women out there with only 7 days left who wash their car.

How shiny!

Chris and I also installed the infant car seat yesterday. Well, he actually did all the work. In order to make it fit, we ended up having to switch Grahm and Belle's seats. So, it wasn't just a quick pop the car seat in and you're done. It was quite an ordeal, but we did manage to fit all three seats in the middle row safely. Well, we have one (main) thing done for the baby. I guess I'll be working on the rest this weekend sometime.

Count 'em...one, two, three!

Isabelle and I went for a ride after we washed the car

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