Bouncy Seats...Not Just for Babies Anymore

Oh, the many ways toddlers can reinvent a bouncy seat. For instance:

A hair salon

A place to read...

...and be read to

And also a spot to just relax and enjoy life


With Arms Eyes Wide Open

This picture was taken at 6 this morning. Casey has been up since 4:30, which really isn't unusual for him. He wakes up between 4:00 and 5:30 and is up for about an hour and a half. But not today. He does not want to go back to sleep. I don't know if his cold is bothering him or if he's just not tired, or a combination of both. But he's clean and he's been fed and burped. So now, it's just a waiting game. Oh, and now at 6:15 a.m., Isabelle has decided to be awake for the day as well. It's going to be a long, tiring day.


Goose Hunting

While driving to Tiny Tots on Thursday morning, a whole bunch (roughly 5 dozen or more) of geese flew overhead. I called Chris at work right away to tell him and told him he should go hunting on Saturday (today) to see if he can get any. Surprisingly, I actually had to urge him to go. I think he feels bad leaving me with three children, but really, I don't mind. I knew he was a serious waterfowl hunter as soon as we started dating, so I knew what I was getting into when I married him. And it's only a couple months long, so it's not like I suffer (haha) for long.

His friend Brian was going to go with him this morning, but he wasn't awake in time. I wasn't even awake when Chris left. He left sometime around 5 am, and I only know this because around 5:30 or so I got up with Casey and realized that Chris wasn't laying in bed.

After calling him around 7:30 to see how his morning was going (and getting his voicemail), he called back about 10 minutes later informing me that he shot his limit. He got his two geese and was on his way home. Brian, after feeling guilty about not going, then came over and stayed for lunch. Yep, you guessed it, they grilled the goose meat up and ate it. Gross, in my opinion. Chris always eats what he catches/shoots, but he usually makes it into jerky. Not today though. Yuck.

As for my lunch, I opted for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. :)

Happy Birthday!

Casey turned 1 month old today. *sigh* It has gone by too quick! He still doesn't sleep through the night, but I know it will get better.

Poor little guy has spent his birthday sick. He has had a stuffed up nose since yesterday, making it very hard for him to breath. Everyone in the family is sick with some sort of cold, but we're hanging in there!

Oh, and for anyone wondering, my good friend Merranda made this shirt for Casey. Cute, isn't it? She dropped it off along with a dinner meal* she made for our family a couple weeks ago. She is super sweet and I'm so lucky to have her so close by (she only lives a couple blocks away). Thanks again, Merranda!

*When I say "meal", I don't mean just a main dish. She went all out with homemade bread, dessert, and a side dish too! How thoughtful is that?!


In a Nutshell

Well, I thought I would give everyone a quick rundown on what has been going on the past week and a half.

On Saturday, we went to a local park to see my Uncle Neil play in his band. We were only able to stay for a few songs though because the weather was pretty crummy and Casey started crying. And I never really got to "see" him play because we were sitting behind the bandshell, except when we got up to leave.

After watching the band, Isabelle, Casey, and I headed down to attend a bridal shower for Chris' cousin Lauren. She will be getting married next month!

Belle really enjoyed the frosting on the cake! This was really the only time I saw her because she spent most of her time in the toy room.

Isabelle started Tiny Tots on Tuesday, which is a program for 1-4 year olds where they have storytime, coloring time, and gym time. That is Belle (with Grahm standing next to her) in the back.

We got Isabelle's Halloween costume and she absolutely loves it. So much so that she puts it on random times during the day. It's nice to know that we're getting more than a day's use out of it!

Casey turned 4 weeks old on Wednesday! At his well child check at the clinic, he now weighs 10 pounds, 9 ounces and is 21 1/4 inches long.

While I was taking a couple pictures of Casey during his tummy time, Belle wanted in on the camera action. She just plopped right down in front of the camera and started smiling.

After Belle left, Grahm felt the need to lay right next to Grahm and take a very brief (5 second) nap.


Two for the Price of One None

Well, we did it. We finally did it. We cut Grahm's hair. Now, this isn't his first haircut. It is actually his third. But it is definitely the most substantial haircut he has ever had. Now, I was all for letting it grow out so it was all one length, but Chris had the idea this morning to taper it downward. (Similar to the twin boys on the t.v. show Full House...for those of you who watched that show. And hey, there is no shame in admitting you watched it! I actually own the DVDs, I like it that much.) And, in all honesty, I really like it. I was a little sad to see all his long hair go because it was almost to the length where it would go behind his ears, but his hair just doesn't want to part on one side or another, so it would always end up back in his face. And I just know Peggy's heart skipped a little beat when Chris told her he wanted her to cut Grahm's hair, as she always makes a point to say how his hair is in his eyes. She even told Isabelle a few weeks ago that Grahm needed a haircut, and being the sweet little tattletale she is, she told me. Now, Peggy wasn't the only person who wanted Grahm to get a haircut. She was just the most vocal about it, so it was always fun to tease her.

Before (obviously)

Chris said he looks like one of the Beetles now

Chris' mom, Peggy, cut Grahm's hair at her house today after lunch. We figured that since her carpet was full of hair already, we asked her to cut Belle's hair too. That, and she is a lot cheaper than a hairdresser because, well, she's free. Belle's hair needed to be evened out, and now almost all her hair is the same length. She has a few strands in front that are still short, but by the time she gets her hair cut again, it will probably all be able to be cut the same length.

Before (taken just yesterday)

She actually got an inch or two cut off, although it doesn't really look like it



Both kids are fascinated with the new baby, although both in their own different ways. Isabelle always wants to hold Casey. It is usually only for 5 or 6 seconds and then she literally thrusts him back towards you. Grahm is a very concerned older brother and always makes sure I don't forget Casey's blanket or pacifier. He likes to walk up to him and give him kisses and he is definitely being more gentle around the baby, although he still needs a little work in that area.

3 Weeks

Updated to add: In case you were wondering, Isabelle only wore the pigtails in for these pictures. She took them out after about 5 minutes of wearing them. I'm just happy she wore them for that long!

Wow, has it really been two whole weeks since my last post? Sheesh, I have really let the ball drop, haven't I?

Well, today Casey received a really cute Broncos outfit from a couple of Chris' old neighbors daughters (they are both grown and have families of their own now). They always send us Broncos outfits for the kids when they are born. Belle had a really cute pink outfit and Grahm also got an outfit. Grahm's outfit (if I remember correctly) is a 6-9 month size, so Casey will also be wearing that one. But this one is a 0-3 month size, so I was able to put him in it right away. And Isabelle was already wearing her daddy's old Bronco shirt, so Grahm was the only one left that needed changing. The jersey Grahm is wearing today was given to him by his Aunt Lisa (oh, and Uncle Chad and cousins Alexis and Luke) for Christmas.

Seriously, does Isabelle look grown up in this picture or what?

Yep, they are still very much kids. Very silly indeed.

*sigh* The only decent picture I could get. And yes, Isabelle is sticking her tongue out. She is making that a habit for pictures now.