Happy Birthday!

Casey turned 1 month old today. *sigh* It has gone by too quick! He still doesn't sleep through the night, but I know it will get better.

Poor little guy has spent his birthday sick. He has had a stuffed up nose since yesterday, making it very hard for him to breath. Everyone in the family is sick with some sort of cold, but we're hanging in there!

Oh, and for anyone wondering, my good friend Merranda made this shirt for Casey. Cute, isn't it? She dropped it off along with a dinner meal* she made for our family a couple weeks ago. She is super sweet and I'm so lucky to have her so close by (she only lives a couple blocks away). Thanks again, Merranda!

*When I say "meal", I don't mean just a main dish. She went all out with homemade bread, dessert, and a side dish too! How thoughtful is that?!


A Look Into Our Lives said...

What an awesome pic! And is Casey's hair spiked? Too adorable :)
Right away, I knew Merranda must have made that shirt...she made one for Stellan, too. She is quite talented...and so nice to provide you a huge meal!
Casey is such a doll!
Miss you!


lhoeft said...

I can't believe he is one month old already!! I feel like I just saw you in the hospital with him!! =) And knowing that the whole family is sick...I'm blaming all of you for the cold I have right now! But it's ok anything to come visit! =)